The Stakes COULDN’T Be Higher: WoW In 2020 – BfA’s Last Chance, Shadowland’s Future & More


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What a year it’s been… We had a few rough spots, that’s for sure. 2019 only had 1 major patch – at least by the Legion eta definition. 8.3… it’s late as hell – there’re no two ways about it, yet, with it’s release finally on the horizon, and that of Shadowlands this year, well, it’d be pretty hard for WoW in 2020 to NOT beat 2019.

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  1. Look my friend, I am already paying to youtube premium monthly to block these ads on ios. So please sir, give me a fucking reason why I am seeing your stupid vpn add? I dont wanna skip that part manually. I could do that with a non premium account. Who allows these people to do ads while recording?

  2. I want to know how all of a sudden she is so powerful to beat the lich king so easily when he created her. Makes no sense to me.

  3. I've only ever unsubbed twice in the entire time WoW has been out.
    Once towards the end of Cataclysm during the long content drought after DS, and November of last year for BFA.
    BFA is a really bad expansion. It completely destroyed classes for me, and the lore continues to be creatively bankrupt.

  4. I've come back a few times, on and off… do you guys still feel wow EARNS its subscription price? I'm especially interested to hear from working adults with kids.

  5. Put a Rez debuff for visions, like in ff14 but longer.
    Also, Blizzard should just say, fuck Activision, and just rehire everyone, or at least the bloody QA team
    "Maybe they're further along than we think" I would love to believe that but I don't that have ever been true

  6. Adding back PvP vendors is a statement.. meaning they start to care about what we say. So, if no PvP vendors, I'm not interested.

  7. Only care about what they do to bring back class identity rather than specs. Abilities arent enough to do that.

  8. what worries me is, with the amount that blizzard has shoved out new races for this one expansion (i think we're on like 4 new races or something like that) that, between reforged, classic wow, diablo IV and overwatch that blizzard might be aiming at using this next expansion to be it's last major content update because it's been plainly obvious since pandaria that blizz is running out of ideas

  9. The Stakes are not that big of a deal for Shadowlands with Sargeras sword still stuck in azeroth and the planet bleeding out who gives a dam what sylvanas is up to in Shadowlands if well your dealing with that and siphoning off more and more blood from the planet till it dies and all life dies right along with it


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