The SUPER Expensive Item Of Uldaman | Is it Worth Farming? | Shadowlands Goldmaking


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Uldaman SUPER Items; The Jackhammer, Digmaster 5000, spaulders of a lost age, Pendulum of doom, miner’s hat of the deep, Shadowforge bushmaster, papal fez,

Uldaman specific items; Stonevault bonebreaker, Ginn-su Sword, Skullplate bracers, Monolithic bow, obsidian cleaver, annealed blade,Spirewind fetter, unearthed bands, legguards of the vault, beacon of hope,
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  1. I just want a farm I can do on my rogue that makes consistent guaranteed gold specifically to buy game time tokens in bulk so I never have to pay for game time ever again.

  2. Have done a lot of Uldaman on various realms.

    My superitem haul so far = 6 Papal Fez, 2 Jackhammers, 2 Shadowforge Bushmaster and 1 Pendulum of Doom. Even after thousands of runs, there are still some superitems I have never seen.

    Also, it's not a bad dungeon even if you never get superitems, considering items like Ginn Su Sword and The Shoveler. I almost never have any Shovelers in stock because they usually sell within days, usually for at least 20k sometimes 50k.

  3. hey i want to know that is it possible to pay you in wow with gold or game time codes cuz im from iran and cant paye with credit cards

  4. Lol, remember last year i twitted about how i did uldaman, after watching your video on it where you said do it if you are bored, I looted pendelum of doom after third try, still havent sold it, its been a year😥 but its always tempting to do this dungeon, please dont hate me, like 4 weeks ago i tried uldaman and after like 3 4 tries i got ginn-su sold it for 70k

  5. I really like these videos and I tried to farm Scarlet Monastery. I got some Green Items that are supposed to sell for 5K and also got a Butcher but I didn't manage to sell a single one of them. Am I doing something wrong or I misunderstood something?

  6. I like to watch your videos, I just wish that some of what I see in them would work, ive been doing all kind of things to make gold, mats like herbs, ore and bars, leather, transmogs, potions, etc etc, but nothing works, nothing sells, i don't know if it's my server but tbh i'm starting to lose hope

  7. I absolutely agree that Uldaman is not worth farming if your sole intent is to make gold. However, I will say that if you are a treasure hunter and just want to go on the hunt for the fun of it, then go for it! The thrill you get from one of the super items dropping after farming for weeks, or more accurately months is amazing, but with that being said… If you are lucky enough to receive one, don't expect it to fly off the AH anytime soon, especially if it's the Shadowforge Bushmaster. It took me well over a year to get my super items to sell, and for the amount of time I spent farming them it wasn't worth it for the gold alone. During that time I did have great success selling a lot of Ginn-su swords and Shovelers, but those still sold once a month if I was lucky on a high pop realm. Anyway, if you want to treasure hunt for the thrill of it, go for it. If you just want to make a lot of gold and nothing else, forget about this farm.

  8. Hey Studen, appreaciate all the videos with so much useful info. I also wanted to ask about Shadowforge Bushmaster, managed to get it to drop a few months ago, there was none on my full pop server's ah ever since. My price is a bit higher than the historical value of 390k. Since You've sold two of them, how often should I be lowering the price?


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