The Ten Hour War Before the Ten Hour War on Wyrmthalak

The Ten Hour War Before the Ten Hour War on Wyrmthalak

On Sunday, the Classic Russian server Wyrmthalak, from which 40 Shamans raided Molten Core, engaged in a civil war to delay an unexpected early completion of the War Effort to open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj. Unlike the Ironforge lockdown on Gandling however, this war was fought not between factions, but players from different regions. After six weeks of server-wide efforts to turn war effort materials, a small group of guilds attempted to launch the event at an earlier time more convenient to themselves, leading to the ten hour war in Ironforge before the ten hour war in Silithus.

Thanks to Ulitkatsar of for covering the initial recap of events, interviewing participating players, and reaching out to us with the story.

Six Weeks of Coordination

Although the single layer server was able to achieve more than fifty Scarab Lords in the time since Phase 5 went live, it quickly became evident that neither of the factions had enough resources to complete the war effort and open the gates in a timely manner. In an effort to set the server back on track, the leaders of two Horde guilds, BikExecutor of <Вестники Бури> (“Ambassadors of the Storm”) and Twothousandthree from <Одеваем своих> (“Gearing Ourselves”), created a discord server from which they organised hundreds of players from both factions in a six week effort to gather the necessary resources.

We understood that without leadership and thorough organisation of the process, we would never have the gates opened. There was also no clarity whatsoever from Blizzard on the launch of the auto-complete stage; therefore, this discord server became our Union for the next six weeks leading to the start of the Caravan today morning.

Each day, Twothousandthree set players to task farming the necessary resources, outlining spawn timing and locations with better drop chances to maximize their efficiency, all the while fighting off opportunistic players.

With more players on the Horde side, we knew that Alliance players would also need our help; therefore we had to close many of their resources ourselves by transferring them through the neutral auction houses located in Azeroth. It’s been a challenging process, as there also was a group of players that constantly interfered the process by stealing our mats from neutral auction houses (that we were transferring for a dime) and re-selling those at 10x price later. Since this started happening, every time during the transfers we had to re-kill those players, along with auction goblins from Tanaris and Winterspring, so that our transfers could reach the players from the Union in Alliance.

Horde players farmed upward 3,000 gnolls per day for linen, wool, and silk cloth, at a dynamic spawn location.

Ten Hours of War

By the 7th of September, the only materials remaining to turn in were Horde Firebloom and Alliance Silk. Anticipating an end to the end to the 24/7 farming, and having just delivered 25,000 leather the day prior, completion was being closely watched when members of the Union suddenly noticed that the Firebloom requirement had been completed at around 7 PM, with the remaining required Silk rapidly dropping as well.

Initially, the plan was to start the Caravan at 11 AM Moscow time on Tuesday, so that the ten-hour war would be initiated on Sunday morning. Most of the players would have enjoyed this timing on the weekend, which would allow everyone to participate in the war and start the contest for the server’s first C’Thun’s kill at 9 PM.

Some players had different plans. Knowing the Union’s turn-in plans, a small group of guilds organized by Guild Master Solom of the Siberian guild <Блитз> had secretly stockpiled the remaining two materials needed to finish the War Effort. As soon as leather had been completed, they poured their resources in, attempting to launch the Caravan at 1 AM, far ahead of the schedule organized through the efforts of the Union.

Russia is a vast country with 11 time zones, and nobody expected that a small group of players would force-start the Caravan earlier than agreed. We haven’t had any official requests from the guilds located in Siberia to agree on the timing, that would work for everyone. We would have been open for it if there had been an open discussion. However, we could only see that the final amount of silk bandages was dropping down fast, and we noticed that several guilds were responsible for that both from Horde and Alliance. We had to act quickly and decided to form a raid, invade Ironforge and prevent this from happening by killing the NPCs and Alliance players.

Horde Players invade Ironforge to stop silk turn-ins and delay completion of the war effort.

By 6 PM, only 25,000 Silk Bandages were left to be delivered and Blizzard’s auto-completion process had kicked in – contributing 900 bandages per hour on its own. By 9 PM, only 8,900 bandages remained. In response, over 60 Horde players entered the Ironforge and started slaughtering NPCs in order to delay further turn-ins, quickly leading to more players flooding in from both sides.

The best-case scenario was to prevent all potential deliveries, which would lead to the Caravan starting at 7 AM. It wasn’t what we planned initially, but we had no choice but to do our best and ensure that hundreds of those players who spent their days and nights on farming would enjoy the upcoming war in Silithus instead of sleeping through it at night.

The battle continues as players from both sides flood the city streets.

Many of them had already spent the entire day farming resources, but players continued to fight throughout the night and well into the Monday morning, delaying any further Silk turn-ins for 10 hours until auto-completion finished the War Effort at 7 AM. Um of the guild logged off at 4am, just a few hours before work.

We were dead tired by the morning, I had more than 500 honoured and 170 dishonoured kills, but this was worth it.

The Silk Bandage Collector Nurse Stonefield was killed every seven minutes over the course of the ten hour war.

Although exhausted in the face of a new work week and other real-life responsibilities, the Union had succeeded – the war in Ironforge lasted precisely ten hours, with players on the server calling it the “ten hour civil war before the ten hour war,” fought not between factions but opportunistic players of different regions who sought to open the gates at the time most convenient for themselves. With the caravan underway, the players of Wyrmthalak now look forward to the start of a new war, as gates are opened and Qiraji flood the sands of Silithus once more, before they race to defeat C’Thun.

It may seem a silly thing, putting so much effort into delaying something they spent six weeks trying to achieve, but the effort so many players put in made it important that they all be able to participate in the Silithus event and raid Ahn’Qiraj at a reasonable time, rather than having it finish overnight due to underhanded tactics. Though the community of the World of Warcraft: Classic may be much older than it was in 2007, this adventure shows the level of dedication that still remains within the old soldiers of Azeroth.

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