This video goes over the basics of making enough gold to thrive during the launch of a fresh vanilla server. Follow this guide and you’ll have your basic & epic riding mount with EASE.



– Punkrat


  1. I say meh. Best gold is speccing into skinning and leatherworking. After that simply join the devilsaur mafia. Devilsaur set is pre-raid BIS for rogues/hunters/fury warriors.

  2. Unfortunately Classic and Vanilla are going to be 2 different animals. At the beginning no one knew what the fuk was best for what. Classic on the other hand has potentially no learning curve at all. Trouble with a boss get a guide, cannot find an npc look at tou tube. I don't think classic will touch vanilla. It was about discovery, adventure, discomfort and grind grind grind. Most people will half arse it just to get to 60 and then find out it was about the journey not the end . China is gonna make a shit load of cash from this and Blizzard will laugh and do nothing.

  3. One thing I did as a horde was farm deadmines for wool to sell on the AH. People loved buying it for the reputation donations. Not sure if it was a thing in wow, but i made a killing in BC

  4. content:

    – gathering profs
    – buy a blue items at server start and sell it later
    – play on auc, monitoring
    – farm black lotus
    – spot in swamp of sorrows: mobs farming and sell all their loot (frostordamus made a video about this before)
    – fishing ?
    – iron farm in Arathi
    – selling food and portals as a mage
    – dont buy all skills while leveling
    – vendor recipes around the world

  5. Tip 1: Enjoy the game, the journey, the lore, the class you play (and alts), and stop worrying about min/maxing and reaching end-game.
    Tip 2: Find a guild that is friendly, grown-up and preferably has a large player base of Vanilla WoW veterans. Be a helpful and giving guild member and you will be rewarded in so many ways…
    Tip 3: Do tips 1 and 2…

  6. I used Swamp of Sorrows mob grind tactic for 5-7 years and now stupid youtubers ruin it all by telling everyone the spot. i hate youtube it ruined the fun in achieving smth BY YOURSELF

  7. Hey Punkrat thanks for the awesome videos. I am currently making an extremely powerful spreadsheet for druids. Search youtube for "Ramsay-DK" for a preview of what is coming for classic (druids first, then rogues, then…..). I have spent a week charting all of the <random enchantment> items but I was wondering if you knew of somewhere to get the <random> flavours as wowhead and all of the other database programs don't have any info?

  8. I'll say this. GET THE STUFF YOU WANT CHEAP BEFORE DIRE MAUL LAUNCHES. Dire Maul is the economy destroyer. If they actually want to make the servers as close to vanilla as possible then Tribute runs, 2 man DM:E Jump runs, lasher farming and DM:N trash farming will all be a thing. Once that happens Mages, hunters and anyone with a single friend will be able to endlessly generate gold from nothing at an astronomical rate.

  9. Playing market has everywhere and always the biggest potential ''gold'' gains, I mean in a sense that is how the richest people got rich and how they keep getting richer.
    Even more in MMORPGs because people are not as careful or serious about their in game money, so the competition and skill barrier is lower

    Also you forgot the very popular method – pretending to be a girle while playing with female character and looking for ''sugar daddy''

    WoW is really very inclusive community 😀

    Timbermaw rep might be the most farmed space in wow vannila, getting the quest done about killing some of them was already huge pain, i can't imagine farming them alongside 100 others doing the same at the same time


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