Things to do now to MAKE GOLD in WoW Pre-Patch & Shadowlands


This video is all about the possible things you can be doing to prepare for Pre-Patch and Shadowlands in order to make some gold. A lot of this is based on speculation from how things stand in the Beta and PTR, so some of them might change. Right now there is lots we can do that will be very useful even if some of this gets changed by Blizzard. It all builds on our diversity and options with characters and professions.

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Happy Goldmaking!



  1. So good to be back to wow. Really super glad to see how you have grown as a youtuber and streamer. Hope to see you soon in the game! sign Herthas.

  2. I just started playing again after taking a break…. since WotLK…. I have no freaking idea wtf is going on… After the introduction island area it's confusing AF. No idea what's worth spending time on at all with professions. Should I just go mining/herbalism and just plan to gather the first couple months until I figure out WTF I'm doing?

  3. Pre patch is live and the ah has never been deader and more worthless. everything is even cheaper. except certai peices of gear that drops from nyalotha trash still 75k and worthless

  4. you guys should also stack mount equipement, since we can't fly in SL poeple will need to walk on water and avoid being dazed farming, pretty sure it will have good price since alot of people comeback to the game early SL

  5. I just starting stocking up on mats for Relics of the Past. Since I only have 4 chars to begin with, my way around storage issues is to create a new toon for each mat I'm stocking. I now have a small army of Vulpera that do nothing but store mats.

  6. I think Im way too stupid to understand the reasoning behind leveling the old expansion professions… Aren't the Shadowlands variant of the relics gonna be better?

  7. So are you making money with garrisons? I have 5alts how much money would I make If I lvl garrisons up correctly? 😛

  8. I've been playing since BC and I've never leveled a profession. Hearing this was like listening to a foreign language

  9. I just bought 7 WOW tokens, 1 for each of my 7 characters, Sold them all in one day. I am all set. Thanks for a useless video, at least for me. only proffs I have on all characters is Fishing and Cooking. I just do the dailys for both. I dont quest, run dungeons or raids. Not doing BfA crap on my 120's I am a very boring player and I love it.

  10. i really want to make gold in bfa and shadowlands, but most forms of goldmaking are REALLY REEEEEALY boring, 2×4 is my favorite but i almost always get at least 3 lazy ppl wich makes it not worth it in most cases, i'm a frost mage, i can clear by myself, just need pull, is that so hard ppl… anyway, any form of goldmaking is welcome, even if i prob won't do it.. in legion i got 3 characters withh 3mil each just with herbs and alc, at least 2h a day farming it adds up really quick. But gave to friends when i gave up on legion after 2 months without a single upgrade gear.. dunno why i'm crying here but maybe you can show me something new to do now so i can get in to the goldmaking spirit of shadowlands

  11. Hi Samadan, awesome content. Just a general question, do you think relic 5 using just 5 runecloth will make it to live? Its been bugging me why only 5 runecloth? why not 5 bolts of runecloth like many of the other relics?

  12. I was thinking about getting into inscription in SL but this is a brand-new character with no profs and no reps. Do I have a lot of work to do before I can make the most of inscription? If so, I might be better off choosing another profession that's a little steadier like alchemy. I have 600k gold thanks to a lucky BOE in mythic and I don't buy boosts so I don't expect gold will be a major issue for me, I just want to make sure I have enough to buy the main items and consumables I will need for my characters.

  13. I truly love your voice… your children must fall asleep right away when you read aloud to them <3
    Also, excellent content 🙂

  14. lvling all professions through all expansions sounds like endless grinding. no thankyou.. Do you have a life outside of wow?

  15. Do you prefer double crafting chars or 1 craft/1 gather so you can passive get mats as you play the chars.? ( in addition to one serious dbl gather Druid)

  16. Got a question about the garrison cloth farming, how do you grind wolves when you instakill them? (Tried in the beta, i almost instakill the elites to and will a couple of levels into shadowlands.

  17. hello, I'm kind of new to crafting professions (I have only tried the gathering ones). And come shadowlands I want to try a different market, I've got the alts to put the profession on but I really want to focus on a single market. What combo of professions would you recommend as "noob friendly" like for me?


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