…This Is INCREDIBLE: WoW’s Largest EVER GROWTH, Shadowlands Release, Patch 8.3 Reveals & MORE!


World of Warcraft has reported it’s greatest quarterly subscriber increase… EVER. Patch 8.3 updates abound, and we’re on the eve of Phase 2’s launch.
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  1. I would rather wait until march 2021 and have the game they announced than get another 'BFA pre-alpha launch' version released this year in summer again. They only have artistic presentation, a few ideas and no class updates at all . Considering all the 'ideas' they had at the same point in BFA's announcement, and barely any tested of thought through, already had the pre-order out and a date for release, it was a shambles. Almost all feedback was ignored, they had committed themselves and since the money was in the bank already, why should Acti-blizzard even bother at that point?

  2. Money will never be more important than moral values. I will never feed another dollar to a Chinese pleasing company again. Even though rules have been simplified, D&D will always be the best RPG

  3. Wooo woo woo, did he say alliance bias in av?

    When the horde can get all the way to korrack, cap the gy and be sitting there waiting for the alliance when i personally use tiger dash out the gate, putting me about 5 secs in front of other players, even dks and pallies, then use a glider on the little cliff and get another 10 ish seconds, that is what i call a horde bias.

  4. Shadowlands the next under funded, under developed lazy expansion from activision, A company that would rather pay people to pretend to love the game and promote it, then give the dev team any real money to create a decent product, dont support garbage, thats why the worlds dying.

  5. I miss the world quest event already, they actually felt rewarding over the last week, the difference in perception between 99 rep Vs 100 rep is something Blizzard really overlook, that third digit makes it feel FAR better

    I really wish they'd release some of 8.3 early, I was hoping I could level a Vulpera over the holidays.

  6. Hoping the shadowlands won’t be a normal expansion like the rest and more like we will be seeing the horrors of the shadowlands, dark and creepy unsettling of the dead and those punish things like we’ve seen in the past the upside down room in medivh tower& thaddlus. Scary whispers similar to C’thun and after dark terrors back in the present game during night time it gets even more scary darker nights and zombies.


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