This Year in World of Warcraft 2020

This Year in World of Warcraft 2020

2020 has been a busy year in Azeroth, highlighted in the culmination of the Battle for Azeroth and our venture into the Shadowlands. There have been an enormous amount of events, celebrations, and discoveries over the past year – it turns out that between the end of Battle for Azeroth, new expansion datamining, pre-patch, launch, and two Races to World First, we had a lot of news this year! Today we remember them all as we look forward to the next, and while unfortunately we can’t include every last article without bloating an already long list, we dug through 170 pages of news to highlight some of the most impactful in-game events, content updates, discoveries, and announcements over this past year.

Keep in mind that this is not completely comprehensive and does not include most minor hotfixes, bug fixes, tuning changes, guide updates, expected PTR discoveries, or other news not related to World of Warcraft. It’s long enough already!


December saw the launch and subsequent world first victories of both Castle Nathria in Shadowlands and Classic Naxxramas. Meanwhile, several Blizzard artists shared their work on the game, and a number of Mythic dungeons were soloed by Protection Paladins inspired by Rextroy.

December 29: A group of Korean players set a new record for longest Mythic+ dungeon at 14 hours spent clearing Spires of Ascension +17, and Pieces achieved the World Third completion of Mythic Castle Nathria.
December 28: We highlighted the staggering amounts of gold spent on the Race to World First, and showcased our new Mythic+ Dungeon damage calculator to show how much damage enemies deal at various keystone levels and affixes in Mythic+ dungeons.
December 27: Pieces and FatSharkYes both defeated the Mythic Stone Legion Generals, bringing them to Sire Denathrius – the final step to conquering Mythic Castle Nathria.
December 26: We highlighted more NPC tributes in Shadowlands, this time with the METALheads of Maldraxxus, and we saw some more Shadowlands concept art from Blizzard character artist Dan Pingston.
December 25: Maxmimum, leader of World First guild Complexity Limit, gave us a boss by boss breakdown of Mythic Castle Nathria, and we saw some more Shadowlands concept art from Blizzard Senior Prop Artist Ashleigh Warner.
December 24: Echo claimed World Second in the race through Mythic Castle Nathria, and the first Shadowlands +20 Mythic Dungeon was completed in time by Radspaper, Furo, Brainx, Eddielock, and Seliathan!
December 23: Complexity Limit shared their nerd screams as they achieved World First Mythic Denathrius, closing out the race for world first Castle Nathria.
December 22: We shared a review of the Secretlab Alliance themed Titan gaming chair, and Blizzard Environmental Artist Amber Hill showed us her work on herb and mining nodes throughout the Shadowlands.
December 21: We got our first look at Sire Denathrius’ Mythic Mirror Phase, and Blizzard Character Artist Matthew McKeown shared their work on the Jailer and his army.
December 20: We datamined mid-race changes to Mythic Stone Legion Generals and Sire Denathrius, Blizzard Character Art Supervisor Kelvin Tan shared Sylvanas’ new look and Kyrian concept art.
December 19: Activision-Blizzard stock closed at a 27 year all time high of $90.37 per share, and Blizzard Senior Character Artist Ariel Fain shared her work on the characters of Ardenweald and the Jelly Slime Cats of Maldraxxus.
December 18: Complexity Limit achieved the world first victory over Mythic Sludgefist.
December 17: Former Blizzard dev and current VP of IP and Entertainment for Riot Games Greg Street (aka Ghostcrawler) announced Riot’s intention to make a new League of Legends MMO.
December 16: The Feast of Winter’s Veil holiday celebrations began, celebrated in Shadowlands by the Sinfall and Ember Court, and a static level Soul Ash mission was hotfixed onto the adventure table for struggling covenants.
December 15: Mythic Castle Nathria launched, and several world firsts were achieved, starting with Shriekwing, Huntsman Altimor, Hungering Devourer, the Sun King’s Salvation, Lady Inerva Darkvein, and Artificer Xy’mox.
December 14: The Shadowlands Collector’s Edition made its way back into the Gear Shop, Sloot interviewed Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, and BDGG shared their pre-race predictions.
December 13: Nobbel87 explained the lore behind the Castle Nathria raid , while Rextroy and Ipanic went on a 25 match win streak to 2400 MMR in 2v2 arena.
December 12: Mythic De Other Side was cleared by a solo Protection Paladin with no weapon equipped, we learned how to tame a unique Night Fae exclusive hunter pet, and the world first Shadowlands Keystone Master was completed in NA.
December 11: Mythic Spires of Ascension was cleared by a solo Protection Paladin, and Castle Nathria was hotfixed to drop less loot.
December 10: The factionless Pandaren DoubleAgent reached level 60 without leaving the Wandering Isle, the world first Heroic Sire Denathrius was achieved by Complexity Limit, the world first Glory of the Nathria Raider was achieved by a group of EU players, and the Protection Paladin Leontii soloed Mythic Sanguine Depths.
December 9: We got a look behind the scenes at the life of the Blizzard Cinematics modeling team, and the first Shadowlands Mythic +15 dungeon was completed in time by Emoretian, Wao, Jpc, Brokenshun, and Keal.
December 8: Season 1 and Castle Nathria launched and quickly cleared normal difficulty to discover Castle Nathria’s Ending Cinematic.
December 7: The raid browser game Castle Pineapplia launched, and the 5,000 conquest point price tag on PvP weapons was removed.
December 6: Players started clearing Glory of the Shadowlands Hero, Nobbel87 shared the story of Maldraxxus, and we datamined a cutscene between the Jailer and Sylvanas Windrunner.
December 5: We launched our Castle Nathria raid strategy guides, discovered that Battle for Azeroth mobs continue to scale beyond level 50, and the cover of Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth was unveiled.
December 4: BFA emissary mission rewards were nerfed, and Blizzard changed the zone in location for Classic Naxxramas after placing it on the Not a Bug List.
December 3: Classic Naxxramas launched and was quickly cleared by , while Bloodmallet launched personalized charts.
December 2: Blizzard released the Shadow of the Necropolis trailer, published a deep dive on the timing of Kel’Thuzad’s abilities in Classic Naxxramas, and we discovered the sinstone of The Butcher of Scholomance.
December 1: Classic Zul’Gurub was cleared by a group of 20 Mages, and we crafted our first legendaries in Shadowlands.


Shadowlands officially launched on WoW’s 16th birthday, Wrath of the Lich King turned 12, we experienced the second Scourge invasion, and BlizzConline was announced.

November 30: Weapon trading restrictions were relaxed in Shadowlands, and Blizzard released Sound the Horn, a set of Instagram videos featuring Kristian Nairn and Isaac H Wright.
November 29: Players began discovering the surprisingly difficult Soul Ash missions on the adventure table, Nobble87 shared the story of Bastion, and we analyzed how DPS classes have changed between the pre-patch and Shadowlands.
November 28: The Classic Warsong Gulch tournament ReadyRaider Gulch went into their final double elimination matches, and the Amani Warlord Zul’jin was discovered in Shadowlands.
November 27: The world first Glory of the Shadowlands Hero was achieved, IKEdit created a fan trailer for Classic Naxxramas, Fanmixology came up with themed cocktails for each Covenant in Shadowlands, and we delved into whether leveling with the Threads of Fate was better than replaying the campaign on alts.
November 26: Nobbel87 introduced us to the lore of the Maw in Shadowlands, Blizzard announced a fix for players stuck switching covenants, and Rextroy gathered an army of Larion cats to destroy his enemies.
November 25: Houndmaster Loksey from Classic Scarlet Monastery was discovered in Revendreth, Blizzard acknowledged ongoing sever instability, Blizzard released an article showcasing Timewalking leveling, “Captain” Cookie the Cook was found in Maldraxxus, and the Mystery of the Stormwind Lighthouse was finally solved.
November 24: Monkeylool was the first player reached level 60, Blizzard released a new official trailer for Shadowlands, reverted group phasing in Shadowlands leveling zones, Sylvanas explained her motivation for joining the Jailer in a datamined cinematic, Warbrave Oro was found in Bastion, and we published a guide to help players stop getting lost in Oribos!
November 23: World of Warcraft turned 16 years old, celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Cataclysm, Shadowlands launched, we discovered the Maw introductory cinematic, Bastion cinematic, and the Revendreth campaign closing cinematic.
November 22: Forbes interviewed Game Director Ion Hazzikostas who shared they have no plans to address faction imbalance, Taliesin & Evitel calculated Tyrande’s DPS against Nathanos, Rextroy one shot players with Justicar’s Vengeance, and set a new speed record by clearing AQ40 in under 30 minutes!
November 21: We discovered that players could die before ever stepping foot into the game world, Ion Hazzikostas confirmed the Draught of Ten Lands would cease working in Shadowlands, and CarBot animations released a parody trailer for Shadowlands.
November 20: VG247 interviewed Johnny Cash and Ely Cannon, revealing that the Jailer may not be the final boss of the expansion after all! Meanwhile French unions called for a second strike over the closing of Activision Blizzard’s Versailles office, and Blizzard began banning multiboxers using input broadcasting software.
November 19: Fans cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Nathanos Blightcaller in the fictional Warcraft Arthas movie, Blizzard confirmed some changes coming with Classic Phase 6, Tirion Fordring fought off 120 player zombies, and DesMephisto set a record by speed leveling to 60 in under 6 hours.
November 18: Blizzard published a preview of the eight Shadowlands dungeons, a handful of helmets were changed to hide Draenei horns, Overwolf delayed the transition of ownership for Curseforge to not interfere with the Shadowlands launch, and Game Designer Chris Kaleiki left Blizzard after 13 years.
November 17: The Shadowlands pre-patch went live, beginning the Zombie invasion event, Recruit-a-Friend’s bonus experience was removed, and Chinese servers tested a Classic WoW world buff change.
November 16: Overworld announced a suspension of addon updates on Curseforge due to their impending transition of ownership, the Heart of Azeroth was nerfed, the Naxxramas attunement quest chain became available in Classic WoW, a new record was set for 3 manning Classic Onyxia, and Blizzard released the Beyond the Veil Shadowlands cinematic
November 15: We unraveled the story of the Reins of the Bengal Tiger Make-a-Wish foundation mount, a Classic speed record was set by defeating Onyxia in under a minute with 32 Warriors, and Nobbel87 shared the story leading up to Shadowlands.
November 14: Classic Molten Core was cleared with 40 Mages, Nathanos Blightcaller doesn’t like people in or on his house, we took a look at why Pelagos was the best Soulbind, and Keystone Masters put together an unofficial Beta Mythic Dungeon Invitational.
November 13: Wrath of the Lich King turned 12 and Warlords of Draenor turned 6 years old, and IKEdit remastered the Kael’thas Sunstrider trailer using Shadowlands assets.
November 12: Terrain exploits triggered a massive Classic WoW ban wave, and published a series of blueposts detailing new changes to Classic WoW.
November 11: Blizzard published a deep dive on Sapphiron’s Classic Naxxramas mechanics, and Blizzard Lighting Artist Mike Marra recreated Outland zones in Unreal Engine 4.
November 10: The Death’s Rising pre-patch event went live, we discovered the fate of Nathanos Blightcaller, Horde and Alliance reactions to the abduction of their leaders, Tank threat was hotfixed on the Shadowlands beta.
November 9: Hench and Scrap Foundry recreated the Necrolord Staff of the Lichsworn Lieutenant.
November 8: Rextroy showed us how to use a Legion trinket to one-shot combo other players.
November 7: We published our “not a tier list” detailing why such lists were misleading during beta periods, the Diabolus Deathbowl 3v3 arena tournament was held on EU servers, Blue showed off their new Yeti X Warcraft microphone.
November 6: The first Shadowlands release candidate build hit the beta servers, Blizzard opened pre-orders for Alliance and Horde face masks, and began warning players not to use input broadcasting software.
November 5: We showcased a rare WoW Alpha gameplay video from 2002, Overwolf released the Curseforge beta app for WoW addons, and Blizzard began experimenting with changes to Warsong Gulch on the Classic PTR.
November 4: Blizzard sent Chris Metzen a Thrall statue, commented on the state of Hunters, Shaman, Demon Hunters, and Shadow Priests in Shadowlands, old tomes and codexes used for changing talents were level capped for Shadowlands, and mental health advocate DesMephisto received a tribute item on the beta!
November 3: Blizzard announced ToS updates to prevent botters and cheating which impact multiboxing, Hench and Scrap Foundry recreated the Kyrian Covenant Mace, and Matt Villers was promoted to Lead Encounter Designer for World of Warcraft.
November 2: J. Allen Brack announced the free to watch BlizzConline coming in February, Diablo IV Lead Systems Designer David Kim was promoted to Principle Game Designer on World of Warcraft, and DesMephisto set a new speed leveling record by reaching 50 in 4 hours.
November 1: Blizzard celebrated 16 years of WoW with a new anniversary event, previewed Ardenweald, and the Day of the Dead Holiday launched.


Shadowlands was delayed, the prepatch went live, the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur went extinct, Frost Giant studios raised $4m to revitalize the RTS genre, BlizzCon would have began, wildfires caused mass evacuations, and Activision Blizzard announced the closure of their longtime office in Versailles.

October 31: Blizzard released a preview of Maldraxxus, the Impressive Influence buff was removed in preparation for the 16 year anniversary buff, Screen Rant interviewed Steve Danuser, and the first Mythic +34 was completed in time.
October 30: Blizzard released a preview of Bastion, and HartiganCosplay recreated Bolvar Fordragon’s Warhammer to go with the rest of the full suit.
October 29: Activision Blizzard announced exceeding expectations in their Third Quarter Financial Results call, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel announced the New Flavors of Azeroth cookbook featuring Nomi, we reported on dates for the Castle Nathria raid, Ion Hazzikostas commented on their proximity to the holiday season, and Blizzard released a story trailer featuring prominent characters in Shadowlands.
October 28: Mankirk’s Wife was finally found in Maldraxxus, a new Shadowlands legendary recipe item was added to the beta, we datamined new Void and Blood Elf eye color options, Scarlet Monastery was rendered in Unreal Engine, and Rextroy used the Aura of Reckoning to dominate other players in PvP.
October 27: Lead Narrative Designer Dave Kosak left Blizzard after 12 years, Nathanos Blightcaller showed up early in the Shadowlands pre-patch, and Chris Metzen announced the Warchief Gaming tabletop company.
October 26: Wildfires in Orange County California caused mass evacuations in the vicinity of Blizzard Entertainment HQ, Shadowlands would have been live if not previously delayed, and HartiganCosplay revealed a full body Bolvar Fordragon cosplay.
October 25: Bolvar Fordragon’s Hammer was recreated by KamuiCosplay, IKEdit released the Awakening fan trailer for Classic Naxxramas,
October 24: A new challenge of reaching max level without choosing a spec was popularized, a new Thrall statue was revealed on the Blizzard store, Dragumagu created Shadowlands pixel art, and Exorsus faction changed to Alliance.
October 23: BlizzCon would have started if not for the pandemic, Wands can be transmogrified into staff Legion Artifact appearances, Mythic Ny’alotha was nerfed, the Old Gods made their way to Hearthstone, and Rextroy one shot players with Frost Shock.
October 22: Chromie Time allowed players to complete artifact acquisition scenarios without having learned the required abilities, hints of a Classic Burning Crusade expansion were uncovered on the app catalog, and Ghostcrawler shared his thoughts on leveling in Shadowlands.
October 21: Several beta changes addressed the upgrades available from Ve’nari, Warlock Felguard interrupt, Druid Covenant abilities, Nathria trinket tuning, rearranged Soulbind talent trees, and nerfed the Darkmoon Faire fish feast.
October 20: Ex-Blizzard Frost Gaint Studios raised $4.7 million to create a new RTS game, the previously datamined Sprite Darter’s Wings transmog set became available with a 6-month subscription deal, and Rextroy organized an army of Druids to bring the Stars down on their enemies.
October 19: Sundrix became the first ever three-time Grand Marshal in Classic WoW, a method was discovered to tame the unique White Cloud Serpents from MoP, and the Hallow’s End Magic Broom received a new mountspecial animation.
October 18: The Hallow’s End Halloween event went live, and SnazzyAI upscaled the Mists of Pandaria cinematic trailer to 4k.
October 17: Rextroy discovered the power of unsquished Nazjatar totems.
October 16: Turalyon and Rokhan were listed as the new “faction leaders” for PvP achievement purposes, and the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur was added to the Black Market Auction House, starting at 5 million gold.
October 15: Blizzard announced they were ceasing major development updates for StarCraft II, we discovered that Chromie Time restricted group finder to dungeons of the selected expansion, and a government mandated 3 hour playtime penalty for Chinese players somehow made its way onto the beta for everyone!
October 14: We learned about the Guide Mentor System, starter accounts received some changes to account for the new leveling experience in Shadowlands, and Blizzard worked on a solution to help players with older computers continue to enjoy WoW with the new expansion.
October 13: The pre-patch went live, removing corruption and squishing levels back down to 50, Mythic raiders found N’Zoth unbeatable, Hunters figured out how to tame the unique Rajani Warserpents, and French unions called for a strike in response to the closure of Activision Blizzard’s Versailles office.
October 12: Blue launched their newest Yeti X Warcraft microphone, Rextroy said goodbye to BFA with his final one shot video, and Secretlab announced their Alliance and Horde themed premium Warcraft gaming chairs.
October 11: The Mighty Caravan Brutosaur went extinct, and a level 1 twink reached 5,000 achievement points.
October 10: The annual Running of the Gnomes charity event raced across Azeroth, SnazzyAI upscaled the Burning Crusade trailer to 4k, and we highlighted Shadowlands covenant weapon and armor concept art.
October 9: Overwolf posted a blog on third parties scraping CurseForge, the Shadowlands Collectors Edition revealed the lore behind the Jailer’s plan for the Helm of Domination, Rextroy became a raid boss, and Blizzard added an option to disable experience gains while in Chromie Time.
October 8: Game Director Ion Hazzikostas confirmed that covenant abilities would be usable outside of the Shadowlands, the Humble Bundle released a Warcraft Legends E-Book Bundle, and we learned that only max level characters would be able to use the Black Market Auction House in Shadowlands.
October 7: The community realized that covenant abilities could only be used inside Shadowlands zones, BossLogic showcased Henry Cavil as Arthas Menethil, Soulbind trees were reduced to two potency conduits each, and the damage bonus from Hunter’s Mark was removed.
October 6: Classic WoW was hotfixed to properly granted attack power buffs to ranged attacks, Blizzard released a Shadowlands pre-patch survival guide video, and Activision Blizzard announced the closure of their longtime Versailles office.
October 5: Jay the Tavern Bard released his free synthwave music album, the TechRadar interviewed Blizzard employees regarding LBGTQ+ inclusivity in Shadowlands, Rextroy figured out how to one shot players while remaining invisible, and the weekly cooldown on conduits was changed to a daily energy system.
October 4: Overwolf updated their CurseForge app launch roadmap,
October 3: We showcased the extensive barber shop updates coming in Shadowlands, and players who boosted characters and then refunded Shadowlands had those characters locked.
October 2: The deaf guild quietly defeated Mythic N’Zoth, the Exploring Azeroth Eastern Kingdoms book was delayed to Nov 24, Blizzard offered refunds after the Shadowlands delay, and the Classic Ahn’Qiraj war effort began auto completing.
October 1: Blizzard announced that Shadowlands would be delayed, along with the pre-patch date of Oct 13, we learned more about Soulshape behavior, Rextroy used a level 20 to kill level 120 players using PvP scaling, and SnazzyAI upscaled the WoW launch cinematic trailer to 4k.


Fan art of Henry Cavill as Arthas Menethil whipped the internet into a frenzy, Torghast became testable, Mike Morhaime announced Dreamhaven, new character customizations were added in Shadowlands, and the Jenafur pet secret was finally solved.

September 30: Blizzard nerfed WoD bonus objective experience, Gladiator ensembles became purchasable with Marks of Honor, we datamined a Thanos reference, the Famed Slayer of Denathrius title was revealed, and launched their personalized expansion review feature.
September 29: The Harvest Festival went live in both Classic and BFA, we highlighted the open source addon manager Ajour, and we launched our own line of face masks and window decals in our shop.
September 28: Blizzard released a complete viewers guide to the WoW Classic Fall Conquest in Arathi Basin and explained conduits and conduit item levels in Shadowlands, meanwhile Overwolf released their Shadowlands roadmap for Curseforge.
September 27: Wildcard Gaming and M2KC won the AWC Battle for Azeroth Regional Championships, Rextroy used a gently squeezed toad to become invincible, Tomb of Sargeras was recreated in Minecraft, and 40 Paladins cleared Classic Molten Core.
September 26: DesMephisto started a new charity in support of the California Fire Foundation, we highlighted the unique world quest epic Sorrowbane, and Data for Azeroth used Blizzard API to create leaderboards for different activities within the game.
September 25: Blizzard announced new realm connections, Scarab Lord Hycran reached 21 exalted reputations in Classic WoW, and fan artist LightCurse shared a beautifully colored Light-Infused Frostmourne.
September 24: DesMephisto collected all one-handed sword transmogs in the game, Blizzard announced plans to fix a bug with Improved Weapon Totems, and released a blog previewing the new character customizations in Shadowlands.
September 23: Mike Morhaime announced his new game company: Dreamahven, an item was added to the beta to upgrade your lowest rank conduits, while Monks, Demon Hunters, Warriors, Death Knights, Mages, Warlocks, Shaman, Hunters, Priests, and Rogues all received blueposts detailing beta changes.
September 22: Jennifer Klassing shared quest design insights, Blizzard announced no more bonus rolls in Shadowlands and discussed the big picture of upcoming loot changes, and we learned how to upgrade legendaries in the upcoming expansion.
September 21: We learned about BlizzConline in February, Nobbel87 examined the lore of the Maldraxxus Primus, Blizzard announced the end of BFA Season 4, and the retirement of the paid appearance change service in favor of the in-game barber shop.
September 20: We did a deep dive on Afterlives: Revendreth lore, Vol’jin and Bwonsamdi’s stories continued in Shadowlands, the Will Wipe for Achievements charity stream ran, the Synergy community 3v3 tournament began, and the Keystone Masters FX Mythic+ Tournament went live
September 19: Dalaran was recreated in Minecraft, Rextroy started oneshotting players without corruption, anima was added to the Great Vault, and Pirates Day went live!
September 18: The Wandering Ancient won Blizzard’s Shadowlands mount poll, and Blizzard added instance locations to old world maps,
September 17: We learned more about the fate of Garrosh Hellscream in Afterlives: Revendreth, we speculated as to whether Corruption succeeded in patch 8.3, and Crashgaming became the world first level 59 Rank 14 Grand Marshal.
September 16: Blizzard introduced another WoW Classic Esports tournament in Arathi Basin, end of dungeon rewards were reduced below heroic raid levels, and we looked back at previous expansion pre-patch events.
September 15: Blizzard published a deep dive on their WoW companion app, we figured out how to change covenants in Shadowlands, and we analyzed the PvP gearing systems of the past.
September 14: SnazzyAI upscaled WoW cinematic wallpapers to 8k, we found out the last two bosses of Castle Nathria would drop higher item level loot, and we interviewed the deaf-friendly raiding guild .
September 13: The Jenafur battle pet secret was finally solved after almost a year, and the Jailer was featured on the cover of PC Gamer Magazine.
September 12: Rextroy turned Bladestorm into Deathstorm, and we speculated on the Shadowlands pre-patch date.
September 11: The Orgrimmar portal room underwent renovations, the Council of Blood dance was reworked, and Druids were forced to train expert riding to fly.
September 10: Afterlives: Ardenweald was released, and we analyzed it, the faction leaders were updated, and we showcased more concept art for the free Shadowlands mount poll.
September 9: Game Director Ion Hazzikostas released a Shadowlands development update, Blizzard announced special Torghast testing, Blizzard announced they would not be “pulling the ripcord” in Shadowlands, and we learned that we could add sockets to our gear in Shadowlands.
September 8: Fan art of Henry Cavill as Arthas Menethil inspired fans to dream of a Warcraft movie sequel, and we highlighted the Ten Hour War before the Ten Hour War on Wyrmthalak,
September 7: Fan artist Handclaw released concept art for the unfinished Barrens Warfront.
September 6: We learned about the origins of Alexandros Mograine’s sword Fatebringer, Rextroy one shot players in Arena with a trinket, and community artists brainstormed designs for the free Shadowlands mount poll.
September 5: We learned that the Dreadlords might not have been serving the Burning Legion all along.
September 4: Blizzard announced poll to choose the next free Shadowlands mount, and fixed automatic quest turn-ins for the Ahn’Qiraj war effort.
September 3: Afterlives: Maldraxxus released, we learned that automatic quest turn-ins for Ahn’Qiraj weren’t working properly, tabards were updated to display more textures, and Flamegor-RU celebrated 90 Scarab Lords!
September 2: We learned how to swap covenants in Shadowlands, datamined new expansion credits screens, and previous expansion consumables were changed to cap at level 50,
September 1: Horde and Alliance leadership discussing Sylvanas was datamined, WoD heirlooms were changed to equip from level 1, and party buff scrolls were removed from Shadowlands.


More Shadowlands datamining revealed Sinrunner Blanchy and the Slime Cats of Maldraxxus, we covered the increasingly dire issue of RMT on Chinese servers, and Reckful was immortalized as a Rogue trainer in Stormwind.

August 31: Blizzard released details for the new Heroes of the Storm Warcraft & Starcraft crossover event CraftWars, a naked Monk one-shot players with Touch of Death, and the Impressive Influence buff returned.
August 30: Legion turned four years old, ReadyRaider announced their 3v3 arena tournament, and new illustrated versions of Rise of the Horde and Lord of the Clans were announced.
August 29: Rextroy figured out how to kill players while naked without dismounting.
August 28: Garrosh’s infamous “Watch your clever mouth” line was removed, Warcraft Folk & Fairy Tales was announced, we analyzed Afterlives: Bastion, and he Teeming and Skittish Mythic+ affixes were removed for Shadowlands.
August 27: Afterlives: Bastion released at Gamescom, we tested the new Mythic+ affixes coming in Shadowlands, and players tried to march on Blizzard’s Versailles office after being banned.
August 26: Class-wide artifact appearance transmogs were announced for Shadowlands, and the once per combat limitation on health pots was removed.
August 25: Game Director Ion Hazzikostas responded to concerns regarding soloing Legion content, and Rextroy soloed Maut in Ny’alotha.
August 24: CSercan Ozyurt came up with more class-specific tier set concepts, and the #SaveArugal movement begged Blizzard to add layering back to the beleaguered realm.
August 23: We discovered Sinrunner Blanchy and the 9 Slime Cats of Maldraxxus.
August 22: Keystone Masters announced their MDI style tournament.
August 21: The Shadywish Charity Event offered free Horde Voidwing groups, MrGM discovered how to dungeon boost in Shadowlands in under 3 hours, and Rextroy stacked Death Knights in RBGs to give enemy players +1000% longer cooldowns.
August 20: The Horde locked down Ironforge on Gandling for over twelve hours to stop players from finishing the Ahn’Qiraj war effort, we learned about diminshing returns on secondary stat ratings in Shadowlands, and the world first 3-player Classic Onyxia kill was earned.
August 19: We confirmed covenant bonuses worked in Mythic+ dungeons, the Guide Mentor System requirements changed, blacksmithing sockets were removed, and we discovered Castle Nathria would drop tokens instead of weapons in Shadowlands.
August 18: Rextroy figured a way around the PvP socket bug, players finally tested the Great Vault in Shadowlands, and the raid loot distribution tool Soft Reserve launched.
August 17: Nvidia highlighted Shadowlands raytracing support, Rextroy explained how sockets make you weaker in PvP,
August 16: We all got free t-shirts!
August 15: Preheat shared his thoughts on the first raid of Shadowlands, and Colibri Workshop created a fantastic Loque’nahak sculpture.
August 14: We discovered the Mirror of Envious Dreams, and the Druid of the Flame Feral form option was added to the barbershop.
August 13: TheFeatheredPhoenix painted a violin depicting Ysera’s life.
August 12: and shared videos of their PvP events as they raced to become Scarab Lords, Rextroy one shot players without using class abilities, and we analyzed Uther’s character arc in Shadowlands.
August 11: We learned that the Scourge Invasion would return in the Shadowlands pre-patch, discovered Elegon can be tamed in Shadowlands, and found Nathanos Blightcaller in the Shadowlands pre-patch.
August 10: DwPoker became the guildless Scarab Lord of Faerlina, and Sinrunner Blanchy was discovered in Shadowlands.
August 9: We speculated on Kel’Thuzad’s role in Shadowlands.
August 8: We got a preview of Exploring Azeroth: The Eastern Kingdoms, Rextroy one shot 20 people with one Chaos Bolt, and DesMephisto continued his charity giveaways while supporting the Austistic Self-Advocacy Network.
August 7: Scholomance made its way into Hearthstone, and we got our first look at the Sire Denathrius encounter intro.
August 6: Reckful was immortalized as a Rogue trainer in Shadowlands, Blizzard workers organized a list of workplace requests, we learned that Undead Beasts can be tamed in Shadowlands, discovered motion sickness accessibility controls in Shadowlands, and discussed the importance of nature resist gear in Ahn’Qiraj.
August 5: Blizzard engineers celebrated the 1 millionth change to the WoW codebase, we took a look at the upcoming leveling squish, old Hunter pet families received more species in Shadowlands, and we datamined the full list of Covenant renown rewards.
August 4: Activision Blizzard released their second quarter financial results, nearly a thousand players fought in the Ten Hour War on Sulfuras, achieved the first Classic C’Thun kill, though was the first guild to fully clear AQ40.
August 3: Blizzard began taking action against the Gallywix boosting community for taking part in real money transactions, Chinese raiders were able to get into AQ40 early, Bloomberg reported that Blizzard employees are underpaid, Blizzard clarified how procs work alongside the GCD in Classic WoW, and we figured out how the Great Vault works.
August 2: We updated our guides for the launch of Classic phase 5, and Preach held a roundtable discussion on Shadowlands dungeons.
August 1: Blizzard took actions to reduce players griefing in pursuit of Scarab Lord.


July was a month of charity giveaways by DesMephisto and several prominant raid guilds, high level Mythic+ dungeon solo clears, Blizzard announced the extinction of the Brutosaur Caravan mount, and the community came together to mourn the passing of Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein.

July 31: , , and Wowhead teamed up to giveaway Mythic N’Zoth mounts, and the first Scarab Lord reputation grinds were completed within days of Phase 5 launch.
July 30: Blindfold customization options were added to Demon Hunters, a Hunter leveled to 60 in Classic without a pets or ranged weapon, and Atal’Dazar +20 was soloed by a Demon Hunter.
July 29: The first Classic AQ War Effort was finished in 14 hours, we learned about the seasonal Shadowlands Mythic+ affix Prideful, and a new debuff restricted players from changing equipment or talents in Torghast.
July 28: Freehold +17 was soloed by a Demon Hunter, a one day ban was issued for advertising in the group finder, and Classic relics began dropping ahead of Phase 6.
July 27: The Shadowlands alpha officially closed, prompting Blizzard to send thank you emails to testers, and we updated our Shadowlands Soulbind calculator to allow players to create and share their own personalized setups.
July 26: SAGamer did a deep dive on Revendreth, featuring Kael’thas and Nathria armor sets.
July 25: We analyzed Alexandros Mograine’s story in Shadowlands.
July 24: Blizzard announced the extinction of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, Sturmbart released his fully completed Atlas of Azeroth, we interviewed BlindlyPlayingGames on gaming without vision and other disabilities, and learned more about the history of the Night Warriors, as well as Kael’thas in Revendreth.
July 23: Blizzard detailed what to expect from the AQ events, and we previewed the Castle Nathria environment.
July 22: Hidden Azeroth explained the (almost) complete history of WoW in 23 minutes, the PvP medallion talent slot was removed, and we datamined several weapons, armors, jelly cats, and a new Sylvanas model on the Shadowlands alpha.
July 21: Incendius shared their AQ preparation spreadsheet, the first wave of Shadowlands raid testing was announced, and patch 8.3.7 went live.
July 20: hosted an EU Mythic N’Zoth mount giveaway, and we learned more about the Necrolord Abomination Factory.
July 19: Nobbel87 analyzed the story of Shadow’s Rising prequel novel, highlighted imaDreamwalker’s D&D inspired art, and a Hunter soloed Mythic Eonar.
July 18: DesMephisto continued charity efforts in support of the Joyful Heart Foundation.
July 17: A question of impropriety was raised after a player was banned by a GM watching a friends twitch stream, Preach interviewed Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, and addons became available on the Shadowlands alpha.
July 16: We explored the Night Fae ampitheater, Nobbel87 interviewed Madeleine Roux, and a new 200 Corruption effect was added.
July 15: Gladiator mounts became account-wide in Shadowlands, we datamined a host of customization options and class changes, and the Blizzard launcher was updated from alpha to beta.
July 14: Zappy Boy Zekhan became canonized in Shadow’s Rising, and Demonology Warlocks got an interrupt.
July 13: Bellular interviewed Ion Hazzikostas, and we previewed the Venthyr Ember Court.
July 12: BDGG presented the Raiding for RAINN charity stream, and a 58 second Classic Onyxia speed record was set.
July 11: Onyxia was defeated by a group of naked characters, Atal’Dazar was recreated in Minecraft, and we explored renown in Shadowlands.
July 10: Archaeology was revealed to not receive updates in Shadowlands, City Guards and NPCs received more diverse appearances, we datamined the Kyrian Path of Ascension, and Blizzard released previews for each covenant and the Maw.
July 9: Another huge Shadowlands info drop, CN region players got a WoW Classic Panda Cub pets, Ion Hazzikostas talked about loot in Shadowlands, and the world first BFA +30 Mythic dungeon was achieved.
July 8: We got a huge Shadowlands developer update, the Shadowlands beta was announced, Diablolus began their world tour and mental health charity program, and the Shadowlands physical collectors edition was revealed.
July 7: and set new speed clear records in Classic Molten Core and Blackwing Lair, and Blizzard activated 4 additional bag slots for Classic players with authenticators.
July 6: Jay the Tavern Bard released his first wow themed synthwave music track, and Blizzard announced the Shadow’s Rising prequel novel.
July 5: Panterius Workshop created highly detailed Guardian Druid Bear and Worgen figurines.
July 4: We analyzed the Shadowlands combat potions changes.
July 3: DesMephisto collected all plate transmog while streaming in support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
July 2: The WoW community came together to celebrate and mourn the passing of Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein.
July 1: The shared cooldown on combat potions was removed, the Exile’s Reach starter zone became testable on the Shadowlands alpha, we got an early look at Bolvar arriving in Oribos, and the Hunter pet stable size was increased from 60 to 200.


June was filled with further datamining, testing the Shadowlands introductory questlines, corruptions became purchasable from MOTHER, and Twitch sold Curseforge to Overwolf.

June 30: Wyolin soloed the first known 5 player 5 mask Horrific Vision, and Blizzard updated Pelagos’ pronouns.
June 29: The first Mythic +29 dungeon was completed in time.
June 28: Nobbel87 shared the lore of the Pantheon of Death, and Alexandros Mograine received a new Ashbringer in Shadowlands.
June 27: The Running of the Trolls charity event supporting the Trevor Project occured, and we got our first look at the Darkmoon Decks in Shadowlands.
June 26: The Pearl of the Abyss toy was confirmed to be unobtainable in-game, Blizzard promised replacements for damaged charity server blades, and we highlighted the hand made sculptures from Panterius Workshop.
June 25: The Shadowlands introductory questline first became testable on the Alpha, we speculated on whether Calia Menethil would become the newest leader of the Forsaken, and Blizzard began another round of Silithus stress testing in preparation for the release of AQ40.
June 24: The Small World of Warcraft board game became available, Night Elves received scar customizations including a reminder of Teldrassil, and the Shadowlands reveal stream was rescheduled.
June 23: We analyzed an excerpt from Shadow’s Rising, Overwolf discussed their acquisition of Curseforge, and Duncan Jones talked about the Warcraft Movie’s scrapped sequels.
June 22: Sturmbart began the Atlas of Azeroth cartography project, Twitch sold Curseforge to Overwolf, and we learned Nathanos Blightcaller would be a raid boss in Shadowlands.
June 21: 40 Paladins cleared Molten Core on the Classic PTR, 40 Druids did the same on live servers, and the Midsummer Fire Festival went live in Classic and BFA.
June 20: We highlighted the Warcraft amigurumi made by Krejdar, and analyzed datamined voice dialogue from Mathias Shaw and Nathanos Blightcaller.
June 19: Blizzard president J. Allen Brack announced actions to support the Black Community, devs published feedback regarding their Silithus stress test, and Hearthstone celebrated the Felfire Festival.
June 18: The AQ Silithus stress test started.
June 17: Single-Minded Fury was added back to Fury Warriors, Worgen figured out how to customize their Human form separately in Shadowlands, Blizzard significantly reduced Auction House throttling, and over 74,000 accounts were suspended due to exploitative gameplay.
June 16: We interviewed Sebens, the Mythic tank with no hands, a Battle of Dazar’alor raid skip was added, and Blizzard throttled players using addons to run too many Auction House querries, Blizzard published a blog confirming a rotation on the Corruption vendor, a 30 instances per day limit was added to Classic instances, and Batwan soloed the world first Restless Cabal.
June 15: Blizzard asked for help in reporting bots, Method acquired, and Blizzard published an article about the Party Sync feature.
June 14: We learned how Protection Paladins could cause an infinite DPS loop on Maut, we highlighted all of the upcoming covenant spell effects, and we found several famous characters in Shadowlands.
June 13: Tedj soloed Classic Zul’Gurub naked, and the Chinese guild defeated N’Zoth without going into the Mythic-only phase.
June 12: Covenant gateways were added to Oribos, and Julie Colilbri created a fantastic Ysera sculpture.
June 11: Activision Blizzard pledged $4 million to fight against systemic inequality, Class animations were added to the character creation screen, Blizzard announced that Druids could choose their bear and cat form appearances in the barber shop, and PvP power was datamined in Shadowlands.
June 10: We highlighted the increasing impact of botting and RMT in Classic WoW, and Talah recreated the Warcraft cosmology chart in color.
June 9: Rextroy amassed an army of 300 Kul Tiran guards, and 40 Druids attempted Classic Molten Core with mixed results.
June 8: Blizzard announced the WoW Classic Summer Bowl PvP tournament, and IKEdit released their best of the MDI fan cinematic.
June 7: Zephryus sent us pictures of his wordworked Horde PC, and Zeegers set a new speedrun record for leveling in Classic WoW.
June 6: Blizzard announced nerfs for the Gushing Wounds and Versatile corruptions,
June 5: Blizzard postponed their Shadowlands reveal livestream, and added a second layer to the Classic Arugal and Feaerlina realms.
June 4: Blizzard hotfixed the ability to track world buffs in Classic raid encounters, while Sulfuras and Ashbringer were recreated in Monster Hunter: World.
June 3: Rextroy one-shot Drest’agath with a 39 million damage Stormstrike, and we took a closer look at speedrunning raids in Classic WoW.
June 2: Corruptions were hotfixed and we got some Shadowlands mount previews.
June 1: Blizzard announced they would not be fixing as bug with the Ineffable Truth corruption.


May saw several class-stacked challenge groups clear Classic Molten Core and Ny’alotha in BFA, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of Leeroy Jenkins, and Rextroy started soloing bosses in the new raid.

May 31: Classic Molten Core was cleared by 40 Shaman, WoW Esports teased a new Classic PvP event, and SAGamer published a deep dive on the audio visual design of Bastion.
May 30: Heroic Ny’alotha was cleared by 29 Fire Mages, Stranglethorn Vale was recreated in Unreal Engine, and DesMephisto leveled to 50 in under 4 hours.
May 29: Wrath of the Lich King server blades went on sale in China, Blizzard added a second layer to Classic Herod and Whitemane, Ion Hazzikostas tweeted about Blood and Void Elf eyes in Shadowlands.
May 28: Game Director Ion Hazzikostas tweeted about the Ineffable Truth nerf, and some Classic realms gained transfer restrictions to control population.
May 27: Blizzard announced a Shadowlands reveal event, while Blood and Void Elves received blue eye customizations in Shadowlands.
May 26: BlizzCon 2020 was officially cancelled.
May 25: Rextroy used PvP scaling to one shot players while naked, and Allakatter used AI to render 2D wallpapers in 3D.
May 24: Nobbel87 dived into the lore of Warcraft cosmology, and DesMephisto continued to set speed leveling records.
May 23: We highlighted several World of Artcraft community creations.
May 22: Rextroy one shot Wrathion with a single 115 million damage hit.
May 21: We datamined a new mail Ardenweald covenant armor set, Blood Elf character customizations, blue eyes for Void Elves, PvP vendors in Shadowlands, and the ability to transmog shoulders separately!
May 20: We datamined boneless undead models, Dr Five leveled to 60 by killing boars, and Bloodmallet began expanding into personalized character charts.
May 19: Blizzard announced that items cleansed could be recorrupted, and the impressive influence buff was extended.
May 18: Beast Kingdom released a new Sylvanas figurine, and Blizzard began adjusting cooldowns on the GCD in Shadowlands.
May 17: Handclaw released over 200 heritage themed armor set concepts, and we took an early look at Alpha pet battle changes.
May 16: We highlighted a redditors plea to help save WoW from RMT in China, and Arathi Basin was recreated in Minecraft.
May 15: Polygon interviewed Paul Kubit about Torgahst, and Classic layering was disabled for US realms.
May 14: Blizzard responded to concerns regarding time-limiting Torghast, while WowChakra interviewed Ion Hazzikostas about legendaries and heritage armor.
May 13: Torghast was updated with soft-timed Torments, Blizzard asked for feedback regarding covenant signature and class abilities in Torghast, and a Bladeflurry change prompted a discussion over cooldowns on the GCD.
May 12: Preach interviewed Morgan Day regarding Shadowlands systems, Rextroy showcased a one million damage death from above combo, and the Small World of Warcraft board game was revealed.
May 11: We celebrated the 15th anniversary of Leeroy Jenkins, and WIRED interviewed Ion Hazzikostas, while Jay the Tavern Bard and Sharm of Stormsong covered the Invincible theme,
May 10: Streamers discovered Classic WoW supports wargames.
May 9: AJT2k19 recreated the Warcraft Cosmology chart in color.
May 8: Fairafar recreated Gilneas as an action RPG in Unreal Engine, and we compared the height of faction leaders in WoW.
May 7: Rextroy soloed Dark Inquisitor Xanesh, and we got our first look at Mueh’zala.
May 6: Unicorns learned to fly in Shadowlands, cooldowns and pull timer slash commands were added, and J. Allen Brack commented on the social experience of World of Warcraft.
May 5: Activision Blizzard reported their first quarter earnings, confirmed Shadowlands would release in 2020, and Blizzard put up job listings for an unannounced mobile project.
May 4: Rextroy soloed the Hivemind in Ny’alotha.
May 3: We previewed gamepad support coming to Shadowlands.
May 2: Star Duke created an anime intro for Battle for Azeroth, and Rextroy soloed Il’gynoth in Ny’alotha.
May 1: 20 tanks cleared half of Mythic Ny’alotha, Children’s Week 2020 started, and Ironforge was recreated in Unreal Engine.


April begain with annual pranks, led into the first wave of Shadowlands alpha invites, and closed with Mike Morhaime bemoaning the declining social experience in WoW.

April 30: Classic Earthfury was returned to a single layer, Blizzard announced the closure of free realm transfers, and Ghostcrawler commented on WoW’s early social experience.
April 29: Mike Morhaime spoke on the declining social experience in WoW, We discovered ray tracing options and new Death Knight eye glows, while new character customization sliders were implemented on the Shadowlands alpha.
April 28: Blizzard announced that single Demon Hunter realm restrictions would be lifted, while Ion Hazzikostas was interviewed by Zoltan and the Jailer model in Shadowlands was confirmed.
April 27: Stormind and Orgrimmar received several updates for Shadowlands.
April 26: Heroic Ny’alotha was cleared by 30 tanks, Nobbel87 discussed the lore of the Shadowlands alpha, and Voolcan created the fan made Journey to Gilneas cinematic trailer.
April 25: We discussed what to do before Shadowlands releases, and Revendreth’s story was revealed on the alpha.
April 24: Blizzard shared their virtual Take your Child to Work Day celebration, DesMephisto streamed for 35 hours for inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records, and new human face customizations were uncovered on the alpha.
April 23: Fresh characters were given the ability to choose their starting location in Shadowlands, and new Death Knight runeforges were added on the alpha.
April 22: Human females received jewelry character customizations, while we learned that Draenor and Broken Isles Pathfinder would no longer be required for flying after Shadowlands launch.
April 21: Blizzard confirmed gamepad support for WoW, and NPCs now notice the player’s presence on the alpha.
April 20: The long running Zul’Gurub enchant exploit was hotfixed, the Impressive Influence buff went live, and we celebrated the Great Noblegarden Egg Hunt of 2020.
April 19: Blizzard commented on trading Classic Zul’Gurub enchants.
April 18: We speculated on the tortured souls of past heroes which we may find in Torghast.
April 17: The Artisan Riding Skill was removed from Shadowlands, the Winds of Wisdom experience buff was extended to cover Shadowlands, and layers returned to high population Classic realms.
April 16: Blizzard announced early leveling tuning following the leveling squish, and we got our first look at Torghast, Tower of the Damned.
April 15: Blizzard restricted character creation and offered free character transfers on a few overly populated realms, and we saw what was believed to be the world first 5 High Priest Hakkar kill.
April 14: Blizzard clarified that new quests would make their way to Silithus in Phase 4, we datamined several racial customizations being added in Shadowlands, and Alliance Ny’alotha Hall of Fame officially closed.
April 13: We celebrated Noblegarden 2020, while we datamined several rounds of character customization and Maw armor sets.
April 12: We took a look at the biggest lore reveals of the Shadowlands alpha.
April 11: We took a look at new ghost form animations, and got an early preview of Torghast, Tower of the Damned in Shadowlands.
April 10: A new skybox appeared showing the Shadowlands above Icecrown, while Taliesin & Evitel interviewed Steve Danuser.
April 9: The first wave of Shadowlands alpha invites went out, Blizzard outlined their reasoning behind AoE changes, and the Alliance version of Exile’s Reach became available for testing.
April 8: Many AoE abilities were target capped, and we previewed the new player starting experience.
April 7: Blizzard announced free character transfers for select Classic realms, and we continued to early datamining of the Shadowlands alpha.
April 6: Blizzard posted an early Shadowlands alpha development, and Hearthstone experienced the Burning Crusade.
April 5: We published a restrospective on the removal of tier sets.
April 3: Xirev earned all 3,927 achievements in WoW.
April 2: We published a roundup of all the WoW related April Fools jokes.
April 1: April Fools – Blizzard published patch 8.8.8 build 88888 patch notes, and we joined the fun with a little fake datamining.


March saw the close of the Ny’alotha Hall of Fame, John Staats continued his WoW Diary Reddit book tour, and Blizzard sent out a survey exploring the possibility of a Classic Burning Crusade.

March 30: WoW themed dresses were recreated in Animal Crossing, Blizzard announced the MDI would be remote from home.
March 29: Nobbel87 shared lore from the Traveler’s Series story of WoW.
March 28: We prepared a guide to help get fresh alts ready for Shadowlands.
March 27: Blizzard sent out a Classic Burning Crusade survey
March 26: Blizzard announced legacy loot rules for Legion dungeons and raids.
March 25: We discovered another encrypted Shadowlands alpha build.
March 21: The first Method Mayhem 3v3 tournament finals were held.
March 20: The Winds of Wisdom experience buff went live, Restrictions on purchasing role specific azerite essences were removed, and Blizzard published a level 120 catch-up article.
March 18: Year of the Phoenix and Ashes of Outland came to Hearthstone, bonus reputation contracts were removed, and Windows Central interviewed Steve Danuser.
March 17: Echoes of Ny’alotha were removed from emissary quests, Blizzard shipped another encrypted Shadowlands build, and Azerite Essences became available for purchase from MOTHER.
March 16: Blizzard published details regarding the Echoes of Ny’alotha system.
March 15: The Horde Ny’alotha Hall of Fame officially closed, and Blizzard announced the winners of their annual Student Art Contest.
March 14: The Keystone Masters Mythic+ Tournament went live, and researchers looked to the Corrupted Blood incident from WoW’s past for help in fighting the coronavirus.
March 13: Blizzard announced work from home policies for their employees.
March 12: Echoes of Ny’alotha purchased account-wide rank 3 essences were announced, Blizzard confirmed that their first battleground holiday would be delayed, and Daniel Alegre was named the new President & COO of Activision Blizzard.
March 11: John Staats published another excerpt from his WoW Diary and answered questions about the development of vanilla WoW.
March 10: Blizzard announced numerous Classic account suspensions for violating the Code of Conduct.
March 9: Blizzard revealed their holiday battleground schedule for Classic WoW.
March 6: We added a new web notification system for Wowhead news!
March 5: Blizzard outlined how Malefic Cores would increase legendary cloak resistance beyond rank 15.
March 4: John Staats held another AMA regarding his WoW Diary.
March 3: The legendary cloak proc was buffed, and a new excerpt from Shadow’s Rising gave insights on the growing power struggle between Anduin, Turalyon, and Genn Greymane.
March 2: Signups for AWC and MDI 2020 opened, and the Twilight Devastation corruption was nerfed.
March 1: Players began discovering Odd Crystals inside Horrific Visions.


February led with Complexity Limit’s Race to World First victory over mythic N’Zoth, plans for Diablo and Overwatch animated series were leaked, several hotfixes targeted corruptions, and the addition of the WoW token to Chinese Classic servers.

February 28: Blizzard added a new portal in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms after defeating the Assault boss.
February 27: The WoW Token was added to Classic WoW in China, Blizzard published a blog on acquiring the Visions of N’Zoth legendary cloak, and the Classic WoW PTR went up for Zul’Gurub and Arathi Basin testing.
February 26: Blizzard responded to concerns regarding resetting the timer on Classic Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer.
February 24: The Fall of the Lich King cinematic was remastered by a group of passionate fans.
February 22: Players figured out how to determine the bad potion in Horrific Vision of Stormind.
February 21: A WoW music festival was announced in Shanghai, China, featuring classical WoW music remixed into modern styles.
February 20: Blizzard shipped the first encrypted Shadowlands alpha build, and John Staats held another WoW Diary AMA,
February 18: interviewed world first Ny’alotha winners Complexity-Limit.
February 17: The President of Activision Studios inadvertently leaked plans for Diablo and Overwatch animated series.
February 15: Keystone Masters announced their live WinterSpring Fling tournament, and players figured out how to determine the good and bad potions in Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar.
February 14: A hotfix enabled the second tier of Ineffable Truth, and we highlighted the Corruption Tooltips addon.
February 13: Blizard revealed their Arena World Championship and MDI 2020 plans, nerfed the Awakened Obelisk seasonal affix mini-bosses, and the ongoing merchandizing deal with Wild Bangarang ended.
February 12: Classic phase 3 went live and Blackwing Lair was quickly cleared by and . Meanwhile, Warcraft Radio interviewed Ion Hazzikostas on the race to world first Ny’alotha.
February 11: WarcraftLogs created new rules for ranking Classic WoW speedruns.
February 10: Titanforge Podcast interviewed world first Complexity Limit raiders, and Christie Golden’s new book Exploring Azeroth: The Eastern Kingdoms was revealed.
February 9: Nobbel87 explored the story of the Fourth War, the Battle for Azeroth.
February 8: Method claimed world second Mythic N’Zoth, Blizzard made Void Stalkers tamable by all Hunters, and Love is in the Air 2020 was celebrated.
February 7: Blizzard Watch revealed that Shadow’s Rising will serve as a prequel novel for Shadowlands.
February 6: Activision Blizzard reported its quarter 4 earnings and announced Diablo Immortal testing.
February 5: Complexity Limit claimed world first Mythic N’Zoth, Blizzard announced significant nerfs to the Echoing Void corruption, and John Staats held another WoW Diary AMA.
February 4:
February 3: Blizzard made N’Zoth much harder by hotfixing the Thought Harvesters, and we broke down exactly what made Mythic N’Zoth so difficult.
February 2: Blizzard despawned Mythic N’Zoth mid-attempt before a glitch would allow the boss to be defeated prematurely.
February 1: We speculated on the Mythic N’Zoth secret phase.


January saw the launch of Patch 8.3, Visions of N’Zoth, and opening of the Ny’alotha, the Waking City raid.

January 31: Blizzard worked on a fix for Mythic Carapace of N’Zoth, and the boss was quickly defeated by Complexity Limit.
January 30: Complexity Limit defeated Drest’agath 12 seconds after enrage, and hotfixes enabled new Hunter pet tames.
January 29: Complexity Limit defeated Ra-den after major hotfixes, and Blizzard made several Aqir bugs tamable by Hunters.
January 28: The Mythic Race to World First Ny’alotha began and several bosses fell, while more corruption hotfixes as Echoing Void was nerfed again and Sk’shuul Vaz was buffed.
January 27: Blizzard confirmed that trinkets could not proc corruption, and the Echoing Void corruption was nerfed in PvP.
January 26: Nobbel87 shared the story of Ny’alotha, the Waking City.
January 25: We realized that Wrathion’s legendary cloak was required for N’Zoth raid encounters, and the 2020 Lunar Festival went live was celebrated in Classic WoW.
January 24: Blizzard announced that the MDI and AWC esports events would be streamed exclusively on Youtube, and the 2020 Luna Festival went live in BFA.
January 23: Raidbots enabled new options to simulate corruption effects, and the Infinite Stars corruption was hotfixed to no longer scale with attack or spell power.
January 22: We discovered a secret questline to become a rare Vision of N’Zoth assault mob, John Staats held a WoW Diary AMA, and Blizzard fixed a bug preventing auction house mail from being delivered.
January 21: Ny’alotha launched and was subsequently cleared, revealing the final N’Zoth cutscene, and the Rajani Warserpent mount was finally discovered,
January 20: We previewed the new mounts and pets coming in Ny’alotha, the Waking City.
January 19: Nobble87 shared the story of Visions of N’Zoth.
January 16: Blizzard overturned bans for repeatedly looting Black Empire coffers, nerfed the Infinite Stars corruption, and more issues plagued the auction house.
January 15: Millenium interviewed Ion Hazzikostas and confirmed there would be no patch 8.3.5. Meanwhile Blizzard commented on several issues plaguing the auction house.
January 14: Blizzard released the Visions of N’Zoth patch trailer, clarified the process to unlock Mechagnomes by Horde players, and confirmed the Gift of N’Zoth would persist through patch 8.3.
January 13: Blizzard updated the Mechagnome Allied Race introduction, and we datamined the new Vulpera, Pandaren and Allied Race Death Knight introductions, as well as the Horde and Alliance Blood War Epilogue cinematics.
January 12: Legendary transmog restrictions were lifted further.
January 11: Several azerite essences were made easier to acquire.
January 10: Blizzard announced that Classic Blackwing Lair attunements were available, and made a large post detailing what to expect in patch 8.3 and Season 4.
January 9: Blizzard posted their official Auction House update preview, informed players that keystone levels would downgrade between Season 3 and 4, while also releasing a preview of the Horrific Visions and N’Zoth assaults.
January 8: Blizzard posted their official Allied Race and Pandaren Death Knight update preview.
January 7: We got a preview of the Ny’alotha raid, players tested LFR, and we published a guide to collecting Corrupted Mementos.
January 6: We interviewed Mike Bybee and Steve Danuser on the upcoming Visions of N’Zoth patch.
January 3: We finally got to test adding sockets to our gear with the Gouged Eye of N’Zoth, and Arena Season 3 resumed after an unscheduled temporary pause.
January 2: Blizzard posted an updated on Arena Season 3 ending prematurely, and previewed the mounts coming in Visions of N’Zoth.
January 1: With Visions of N’Zoth on the horizon, we highlighted the new Vulpera allied race.

Thanks for another great year from everyone at Wowhead. We hope the next brings just as much if not more!

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