Thyraz – How To Become a Gladiator (WoW PvP Guide) BFA 8.1


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Song used: Snavs – Time

In this video I will be going over the most crucial information you’ll need to start off with understanding if your goal is to become a high rated gladiator arena player in world of warcraft: battle for azeroth

I give commentary over gladiator gameplay and general secret tips and tricks for WoW 3v3 arena pvp

Yes im just writing this for the tags world of warcraft pvp, arena, 3v3, battle for azeroth, patch 8,1

How to become a gladiator
Wow PvP guide



  1. I literally walk 5 feet and get 3 shot every time by literally anyone. I know I suck, but it’s hard to get good when you can barely even get an attack off. Idk how you people do it unless you haven’t logged out in years. Pvp is extremely unfriendly to someone who haven’t played their entire life.

  2. 1300 with 370 gear. Trick to doing well is knowing all the classes. Not this knowing the future bs. Play other classes, get to know their cds so you can make informed decisions. Count your interrupts and have them handy. Watch their cd’s, maybe with Tell Me When or something similar. And the most important thing to understand is to not give up. It’s a grind and it won’t come overnight, it takes practice.

  3. I don't know what I was expecting to hear when my char is only 65lvl…:D Thought it is possible to pvp on any level toon, but couldn't understand most of the stuff, apart from obvious, like force their defences and try to keep as many of yours. Like what are even their defences…:DD

  4. I’m a dark souls 3 PVPer and I’m pretty good at it if I can say so myself, Should I pick up this game is the PVP worth it? I guess my real question is how much skill is required


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