Tips and Tricks for Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeons on Sanguine, Necrotic, Fortified Weeks

Tips and Tricks for Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeons on Sanguine, Necrotic, Fortified Weeks

Welcome to this week’s dungeons and Sanguine, Necrotic, Fortified, and Tormented are this week’s affixes!

The hardest part of this week’s affixes is finding a tank who is willing to play on these affixes. Necrotic by itself is a terribly frustrating tank affix which results in your tank needing to kite packs of 5 mobs. On top of this, the most useful tools for dealing with Necrotic are Force of Nature & Binding Shot which are very counter-intuitive on Sanguine weeks. Ursoc’s Fury Remembered, Blessing of Protection, & Phial of Serenity are all excellent ways to assist in Necrotic management, but the amount of kiting, mob control, and difficulty that dungeons present this week makes this week one of the worst.

Overall, coming into keys this week with extra DPS, Healing, and Gear are some of the most important things. You also need to have a mindset of “how am I going to deal with Sanguine & Necrotic?” on every single pull.

Necrotic Wake

The pathing in Necrotic Wake is not altered due to the affixes. That is about where the positives of this dungeon end. The trash pulls are incredibly difficult as the amount of damage to your tank in this key is normally fairly high. Additionally, the weapon usage that makes this timer normally more lenient is a lot more difficult to pull off on Necrotic & Sanguine. Be very aware and you need a lot of finesse to make sure no mistakes can occur with Sanguine healing or tank deaths via Necrotic.

Tips for Necrotic Wake this week
The trash in the starting area and the trash in the Necropolis are the two most difficult points in this dungeon. This is due to the possibility of tank deaths in this key. Take these parts of the dungeon slow, focus on sanguine healing, and get frequent necrotic resets. In the beginning area, the Patchwerk Soldier and the Blight Bag are the main offenders as these mobs can quickly stack Necrotic on your tank. The Blight Bags fortunately enough do not drop Sanguine, but they can still be dangerous for your tank. The only other scary instance of trash for your tank is with the Kyrian Stitchwerk and their tank busters. These are lieutenant mobs and it is very difficult to get a reset of your Necrotic and mutilate buff.

Really watch out for those mobs and use a standard weapon route and you can be okay.

Necrotic Wake Guide

Sanguine Depths

This week Sanguine Depth’s is probably one of the hardest keys this week. This is due to the fact your Sinfall Boon lanterns are very challenging to use due to Sanguine and just the raw amount of tank damage is super high on this week’s affixes. Kiting while not being able to CC the mobs in the lanterns due to the nasty combo that is this week’s affixes is why this dungeon is ultimately so difficult.

Tips for Sanguine Depths this week
Just abandon optimizing the lanterns is the best bet for your group this week. This is due to what I said above about the difficulties of kiting the trash from Necrotic while also trying to kill mobs inside of a circle with Sanguine spawning. You, of course, can get 2-3 stacks per lantern, but trying for more optimized lantern strategies is certainly something that is difficult to pull off.

The other main pain point in this dungeon that I have tips for are the bosses. You need to be very scared for your tank on Kryxis the Voracious & Grand Proctor Beryllia. With Necrotic + the tank busters on these bosses, your tank is in immediate danger if they are not managing their stack counts appropriately. For General Kaal, almost all mobs in the gauntlet DO NOT drop Sanguine EXCEPT FOR Sanguine Cadet.

Sanguine Depths Guide

Spires of Ascension

Spires of Ascension’s timer is incredibly forgiving this week if you take the dungeon pretty slow as the timer is fairly lenient. Sanguine is pretty brutal in this instance as there is a lot of casters and difficult to move mobs that can get easily stuck in Sanguine. If you have mobs that frequently get stuck in Sanguine then not only is the timer a lot tighter, but the packs have potential to wipe you. On top of this, there are packs that have substantial tank damage and those in conjunction with Necrotic can be very deadly.

Tips for Spires of Ascension this week

Execution and survivability are going to be the 2 biggest issues that you are going to face inside of Spires of Ascension this week. The timer is going to be pretty free, but the problems in this dungeon surround survivability and the ability to mitigate Sanguine. You should aggressively use displacements and kill mobs back to front.

Some of the most problematic mobs and how to deal with them

  • Forsworn Goliath – This mob should not have other mobs tanked on top of him. This is especially true whenever he is about to do his Recharge Anima cast.
  • Forsworn Skirmisher – Having displacements or bolster killing these mobs all at the same time are the most effective ways of dealing with them.
  • Kyrian Dark-Praetor – Have a displacement as they can and will dash in ways that you were not expecting.
  • Forsworn Usurper – Bolster kill all of these mobs at the same time to avoid sanguine healing.

Spires of Ascension Guide

Halls of Atonement

Halls of Atonement is one of the most difficult dungeons this week due to high amount of trash damage coupled with Necrotic. That on top of the fact that there are many hard to move mobs with the ever tedious Sanguine makes this dungeon a total nightmare.

Tips for Halls of Atonement this week

The biggest thing you can do to help your group in Halls of Atonement is bringing displacements. If you have the options to select classes with knockback displacements such as Typhoon, Shining Force, etc you really should try to bring them. There are notable mobs that you have to be careful about, and those are:

  • Shard of Halkias – Non CCable mob that has low HP mobs surrounding it. Make sure that he is not casting Thrash whenever mobs are dying near him.
  • Depraved Houndmaster – is an archer style mob. This mob also does a disengage style leap backwards before doing a rapid fire. This is one of the mobs that you really want the displacements for. You can get these archers stuck in Sanguine very easily.
  • Depraved Obliterator – Is a caster mob. This mob can own your tank and you will want to rotate interrupts on it. At the same point these mobs casts in conjunction with Necrotic with the potential of Sanguine can cause a lot of problems. Be super careful and watch your tank whenever these mobs are pulled.

Halls of Atonement Guide

Mists of Tirna Scithe

Mists of Tirna Scithe is a dungeon that is effected less than others by the incredibly technical affixes of Sanguine & Necrotic that are present this week. At the same time, Mists still is not an overly easy dungeon this week due to the timer restrictions that can become complicated when trying to pull a lot of trash through the walls in the maze.

Tips for Mists of Tirna Scithe this week
The beginning of Mists trash is very deadly. Skipping the Tirnenn Villager pulls that are sometimes seenhelps substantially and assists you in wipes you could face from Necrotic + Sanguine. The Drust Spiteclaw, Drust Soulcleaver, and Tirnenn Villager are all criminal, so skipping as many of those as you can is preferred. You can see that skip performed below. All you need is a Potion of the Hidden Spirit, Shroud of Concealment, or personal stealth to make it through. Aside from the skip, the Drust Soulcleaver are really scary for tanks as they can get stacked up quickly with Necrotic, so aggressively kiting the soulcleavers is important.

Beyond those, just be super cautious of overpulling and Sanguine healing while inside of the maze. The low mob density or kitability of trash in this dungeon can actually be fairly advantageous, but you just have to be super aware.

Mists of Tirna Scithe Guide


Upsides of Plaguefall this week: Timer is not too bad.
Downsides of Plaguefall this week: Dungeon is VERY hard to execute with perfection.

This dungeon on Sanguine & Necrotic is incredibly tedious to deal with and it is a dungeon that any mistakes can cause tank deaths or minutes of time loss. Be super careful and play safe.

Tips for Plaguefall this week
While Plaguefall’s timer is really easy, the execution of the dungeon is the hardest part by far. Many of the trash pulls do a substantial amount of damage to your tank and many of these mobs are grouped up. In addition to this, the bosses are certainly no joke even on Fortified. The trash is definitely the most difficult part of this dungeon though, and here are some packs to watch out for:

Plaguefall Guide

Theater of Pain

I would highly avoid this dungeon on this week due to the fact that the key is substantially harder than normal weeks in here. There are a lot of other weeks where Theater of Pain is substantially easier. The reason for this is due to the high amount of tank damage that occurs from Fortified + Necrotic. That coupled with the fact that Sanguine is really tough to deal with in this dungeon makes Theater of Pain omega tough.

Tips for Theater of Pain this week

Survivability, execution, and being able to help your tank as much as possible are the big pitfalls to Theater of Pain this week. Try to throw out as much CC as possible to help them get Necrotic resets. Also be diligent about dealing with Sanguine and you can largely be okay. The dungeon is still very difficult as all dungeons are this week.

It may be really weird, but my biggest tip for this week for Theater of Pain is to come back next week.

Theater of Pain Guide

De Other Side

De Other Side is a dungeon that is make or break based on how big you can pull the Ardenweald wing. With the affixes being Necrotic, Sanguine, and Fortified you will struggle to pull the Ardenweald wing large without a Guardian Druid. The major caveat with all of this being that your tank will not be able to actually tank many of the packs in the ardenweald wing just due to the nature of Necrotic.

Tips for De Other Side this week
Management of the trash in the dungeon and dealing with Necrotic + Sanguine appropriately is going to be the hardest part in De Other Side. There are some specific mobs that you need to be super cautious about, and those are:

  • 4.RF-4.RF – Be REALLY worried about the headless clients that are near the Arf Arf. Do not let the mobs die underneath Arf Arf as this can cause problems with Sanguine.
  • Atal’ai Deathwalker – is a Necrotic worry. The amount of tank damage from these mobs can be really vicious.
  • Virtually all of the mobs in the Ardenweald wing make Necrotic a pain to manage in this instance. Really make sure you are diligently kiting the packs around the Ardenweald wing.

De Other Side Guide

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