Tips and Tricks for Spiteful, Grievous, Fortified Mythic+ Weeks

Tips and Tricks for Spiteful, Grievous, Fortified Mythic+ Weeks

Welcome to this week’s dungeons. Spiteful, Grievous, Fortified, and Tormented are this week’s affixes! This week is one of the top push weeks on the calendar.

This week’s dungeon affixes are pretty fast in the time department, but the execution can definitely be tedious. There is potential for deaths by Spiteful, and if you have a lapse in judgement off for one second then you can die. Grievous makes some bosses harder than Tyrannical variations even, so be super cautious of avoidable damage. Also, let your healer drink frequently. If you can, selecting The Stone Ward is also always beneficial on this week as it reduces your chances of getting into grievous in the first place.

Additionally the Tormented mobs of Executioner Varruth and Incinerator Arkolath are both brutal on this week’s affix set. For Varruth in particular, dodging his bleed in any way possible is super nice, and you can read about ways of doing that here. You can also Blessing of Protection or Stoneform the bleed as well.

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Necrotic Wake

Necrotic Wake’s timer is one of the most forgiving out of all the dungeons you can select from. However, this dungeon is VERY hard on this week’s affixes. This is due to the fact that Grievous is harder even than Tyrannical on the bosses in particular. The amount of healing, damage taken, and mana cost that a lot of these bosses inflict is absolutely absurd. It is not infrequent to have people deep into grievous. Anyways, the dungeon is fast but the bosses are hard is the TLDR.

Tips for Necrotic Wake this week
All 4 of the bosses notably have insane checks due to Grievous this week. 3 out of the 4 bosses have some form of AOE or DOT damage that you have to be cautious of, and Blightbone has a frontal which will get random party members low from time to time. Making sure you have a very strong healer, good weapon usage, and a solid plan is important.

For Blightbone just having the native Kyrian Anima Exhaust ability should do wonders on this boss. This is doubly true whenever Grievous comes into play as you can just stay stacked up permanently and tick healing on the whole party. A lot of people will also elect to use a Bloody Javelin on Blightbone + a surrounding trash pack or a Tormented mob in order to execute them.

For Amarth as well if you CC the adds during the Final Harvest that are still up then the adds do not get consumed and wipe you. You will see top groups CC the mages with Paralysis or Shackle Undead on every set to avoid having to kill the adds, and you can see that discussed in this tip of the week. This does require coordination though. Bloody Javelin is typically used on Amarth in conjunction with a Tormented mob. Additionally, this is definitely a boss that you want ALL of your cooldowns for due to the fact that the longer the boss goes, the more his AOE damage ramps up. Making sure you have all offensive cooldowns + Bloodlust is incredibly important and will allow you to kill this boss a lot quicker.

For Surgeon Stitchflesh saving a Bloody Javelin is very common practice and using the Javelin on the first add + boss to make sure you do not have multiple adds and have potential to 1 phase the boss. If you miss the javelin on the first Kyrian Stitchwerk then you may potentially have to focus the Stitchwerk or use hammers on the boss. This is due to the fact that if you have multiple stitchwerk’s up at once your AOE damage and bleeds on the party get intense. The boss also notably does NOT CAST HIS ESCAPE SUB 5% HP. Alternatively, you can use very powerful CDs such as Ashen Hallow + Bloodlust, but it ultimately depends on the group and the key level. If you leave this boss alive too long and have multiple adds up you can wipe quickly.

Lastly for Nalthor the Rimebinder it is really typical to have minimal cooldowns since you blow a lot of them on Surgeon Stitchflesh. You also want to Forgotten Forgehammer on Icebound Aegis shields in which you have multiple DPS downstairs from Dark Exile. Here is also a nice point to use Battle Rezzes and sacrifice people to the Dark Exile. This can save you time on the boss as a whole. You really need to make sure you are pooling damage for those shields otherwise your AOE damage / Grievous will get out of control. Also, if you have a priest who is feeling very youthful (and you have Battle Rezzes), you can Leap of Faith the Dark Exile if used at the correct timing. That was performed multiple during the MDI, and you can see what it looks like here!

Necrotic Wake Guide

Sanguine Depths

Grievous should be illegal in this dungeon, but Spiteful is omega fast. That is the general trend of this week in all of the dungeons. As a general rule the bosses will be very difficult to deal with, but if you can get through them then you can do absolutely top tier level keys in this dungeon.

Tips for Sanguine Depths this week

Biggest tips for this week involve the Sinfall Boon lanterns and how to extend stacks FOR FREE! On top of this, if Spiteful expire while in the circle of the lantern you gain a stack of the buff. For the low low cost of 1 Giant Deathweb Egg or a Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robot you too can gain another stack of the Sinfall Boon buff.

The biggest pain points in Sanguine Depths are the bosses. Making sure you have Bloodlust for most of the bosses will yield the best results. In Sanguine Depths you are probably afforded a full wipe to trash in bonus time that you have. You are not afforded the same luxury to wiping to bosses though. Making sure you have solid strategies for all 4 bosses in Sanguine Depths is the most important thing.

  • Kryxis the Voracious – Just making sure you drop the Severing Smash orbs in a solid spot and soak the Juggernaut Rush and you will be fine. There is an insane amount of AOE damage on this boss, thus you can get into Grievous quickly. Make sure you kill the boss as fast as possible to mitigate this. DPS stopping to heal themselves is normally a mistake on this style of fight.
  • Executor Tarvold – Make sure you have all offensive cooldowns and focus down adds quickly. Having the Sinfall Boon lantern buff is also very strong. If you do not focus the adds and insta kill them, then you can have your party deep into Grievous which can cause problems with the circle. If it is just the circle doing damage then you should be fine.
  • Grand Proctor Beryllia – Try to soak 3 – 4 stacks every time of the orbs and use strong personals. If you are doing a high enough key rotating immunities and allowing other players to soak 4 stacks of the orbs is a common strategy. The tank is the priority here as the Iron Spike damage from the boss is WILD.
  • General Kaal – is pretty tough if you get hit by the Wicked Rush. Additionally, mana is going to be a premiere concern. Make sure you stop and drink as often as possible.

Sanguine Depths Guide

Spires of Ascension

Spires pretty annoying dungeon on both Spiteful and Grievous. There are a lot of mobs that you want to be stacked in melee for, they will die unevenly, and you can potentially get meleed by Spiteful. On top of this, Grievous can be pretty difficult on some of the bosses but mostly the trash. Try to be topped mana wise going into a lot of the pulls.

Tips for Spires of Ascension this week

There are a couple of pivotal points in Spires which you need to be hyper aware of. The biggest tips involve mitigating damage and being hyper aware of these pain points.

First off the dispels on Devos are mission critical on Grievous. If you have a Warlock or a Priest the additional dispels can help a lot. Making sure you get them removed ASAP is really important to help your healer not be behind going into intermissions.

Next, Forsworn Usurper and their hurl ability if not dealt with properly can cause a lot of grief. On top of this, if the mobs die helter skelter then you can easily get meleed by Spiteful.

Last thing to be aware of is targeted healing on Ventunax and Oryphrion. It comes as no surprise that these bosses need targeted healing on the main target, but if anybody in the group takes ambient damage this can become a problem in a hurry. Mitigating your damage intake is very very important on the bosses in general this week.

Spires of Ascension Guide

Halls of Atonement

Halls of Atonement is one of the dungeons that you get a bit of an easier time in on this affix set. The bosses are not overly problematic especially for Grievous. The trash is normally pretty easy to deal with as you kite a lot, which mitigates Spiteful.

Tips for Halls of Atonement this week

Skipping either Oros Coldheart or Soggodon the Breaker are great options on this week’s affix set if you need to make up some time. Oros is a bit difficult to dodge the statues with the slow, but if you play close to the boss and tank the boss near the wall then dodging should be pretty easy. Lord Chamberlain‘s tank bleed does not get amplified by the negative debuff, so the only things that are physical are the Statue Toss and the normal Melees. This means you can easily get one shot by the statues if you get hit, but this is a common occurrence regardless. I would generally recommend playing Oros Coldheart with the final boss first this week due to the ability to have your tank die to Grievous + normal boss damage, but at the same time Grievous does not make this boss any harder as you have to spam heal your tank regardless.

Beyond this, another good tip is to use the Loyal Stoneborn on Incinerator Arkolath on the right side near the shard. The reason for this (and why you should not use it on any other trash pulls) is that this mob is a lot more dangerous and the stoneborns are a lot more valuable on Single Target than AOE. This will also allow you to use a lot fewer DPS cds / Healer cds.

Halls of Atonement Guide

Mists of Tirna Scithe

This week for Mists is overall not too shabby. There is some time friction in the maze with Spiteful, but overall you should not be too bad off. Grievous also has a few pain points, but nothing too glaring.

Tips for Mists of Tirna Scithe this week
First off: If you position yourself near the maze exits whenever Spiteful is about to spawn you can immediately go through BEFORE the spiteful combats one of your players. This saves you probably somewhere in the 5-10 second range on every single pull.

Second off: Be pretty scared of Mistcaller‘s Guessing Game. You really need to blow through the damage check on that boss to make sure your healer can top everybody up from Grievous. Once out of the mirror phase the healing is really free.

Third off: Having 3 DPS run Volcanic Plume is really strong. This can cancel many casts inside of the maze and can save you a significant amount of time. It significantly increases melee uptime as a whole and allows your tank a large amount of uptime he otherwise would not have as well. Be cautious of getting juked on kicks.

A massive thing you can do that can help you with Ingra Maloch is using a pet to pull the 3rd Tormented mob through the wall prior to engaging the boss. You just use a Pet Attack on the tormented mob through the wall, pull the pet back and he will come through the wall.

You can read about strategies involving pulling trash through the wall here! Also, there are ways to pull mobs through the walls of the maze using a Dwarf (or cat form druid) model as they are smaller. Like I said above though, be super careful of what packs are being merged. Many if not most of the walls have spots like this, and it just takes time to figure out where these spots are. Here is an example of this:

Mists of Tirna Scithe Guide


Plaguefall is SUPER tough on Grievous with how the bosses are setup. This dungeon feels very similar to Necrotic Wake in the sense of the timer is really free, yet the bosses are rough. You fortunately can easily blow past the damage checks on bosses since it is Fortified, but failure to do so or miscommunication can cause major issues.

Tips for Plaguefall this week
There are 3 bosses that are typically seen as super difficult on this week’s affixes due to Grievous. We’re going to discuss some tips to help mitigate these issues you may face. Bringing 1 if not multiple disease dispels is super encouraged.

  • Globgrog – Globgrog’s AOE and Debilitating Plague disease is something that can cause problems if the boss lasts too long. You really want a lot of boss damage and have the ability to kill the boss either inside of bloodlust or close to it. On top of this, getting a second Beckon Slime cast can cause problems when the adds are summoned. Basically this boss is a damage rush and having enough damage to beat the second Beckon cast is very nice.
  • Domina Venomblade – This boss is determined by your ability to break out the assassins as quickly as possible. The DOT that is on the whole party immediately goes away once the assassins die + it stops stacking up whenever they get broken out. It has been nerfed a lot this expansion, but still dangerous.
  • Margrave Stradama – Your goal for this boss is to get 1 infectious rain cast per phase maximum. This requires 2 medium strength cds per phase or 1 very powerful CD + bloodlust typically. Make sure to assign accordingly. Also, disease dispels and kyrian phials are really good on this boss.

Plaguefall Guide

Theater of Pain

Theater of Pain this week is a hard avoid if possible. The bosses are all stupid difficult and due to the amount of healing required via Grievous, there are some very insane trash pulls that are largely not doable, and Spiteful slows you down a lot.

Tips for Theater of Pain this week

Dealing with Spiteful in the Kul’tharok wing:

  • You need to make sure you are killing the final mob with no other Spiteful up and with your entire party next to the portal. Then, once the mob dies click the portal instantly with your group of 5 and this allows you to skip the time it would take to wait out the spiteful. Similar to mists maze this saves you somewhere around 25 seconds if executed correctly.

Dealing with Grievous:

  • Rancid Gasbag are banned. Completely off limits.
  • Shambling Arbalest need to be prioritized down with rapid haste.
  • Many of the champions in the Xav wing have either bleeds or varying amounts of AOE damage. Make sure you are being super careful and line of sight the axes if possible.
  • Make sure your healer tops up your party after the stomp on Xav the Unfallen. This is super sketchy as it puts your whole party in grievous, so use defensives frequently on these parts.
  • For Mordretha, the Endless Empress use defensives on the portal spawns. This will help your whole group not get stuck deep in grievous while your tank is getting murdered.

Theater of Pain Guide

De Other Side

De Other Side, similarly to the other dungeons, is pretty tough with the bosses. The dungeon itself time wise is not particularly slow as neither Grievous nor Spiteful slow you down a lot in here, but they make the bosses and some trash pulls a lot more deadly.

Tips for De Other Side this week
The biggest tips I have for De Other Side relate to Mueh’zala and Hakkar the Soulflayer. For Mueh’zala making sure that you have the appropriate amount of DPS cds for the totems is the most critical point. This can potentially mean you have a Holy Paladin solo an add with Ashen Hallow while sending a tank and one of your worse DPS classes to a totem together.

As for Hakkar, a late Bloodlust is common at higher levels of keys where you will not be able to kill the boss 100-0 inside of the lust. This is due to the fact that you want the lust and other offensive cds to kill off adds. This is doubly important on Grievous as if you cannot kill the boss inside the lust, getting stuck at 10% HP is really sketchy. If you can kill the boss inside of bloodlust though and you have enough DPS, just full send it.

On top of this, it is mission critical that you bounce the lightning well on Dealer Xy’exa. You can use immunes frequently, but the lightning bounce has to be done super well otherwise you can get stuck with too many stacks in Grievous which is largely not healable.

The last thing is there is some cool tech on Dealer Xy’exa if you are feeling ambitious enough :).

De Other Side Guide

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