Top 10 Changes Made After Vanilla WoW That Made the Game Better


In this video we’ll go over 10 things that existed in vanilla wow, that were made much better later on in wow’s history.


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–The list–
9- Gathering times
8- Tracking
7- Clock / Calendar
6- Raid Flexibility
5- Max Level Talent Trees
4- Complicated Raid fights
3- Soruces of XP
2- End game content
1- AOE Looting / Auto Loot


  1. 1. heirlooms and heirloom chopper mount
    2. level doesnt mean anything anymore
    3. you can now level up from 15 to 120 without exploring the world and spam dungeons (so adventurous!)
    4. transmog! you can fake your gears looks instead of wearing what you are actually wearing
    5. unlike classic retail is a challenge
    6. you get a mount for nearly free at level 20 and 40. feels like a real achievement!
    7. flying mounts. who wants a beautiful world if you can skip all the beauty by flying above it

  2. Yeah because -0.1 sec cast time on your frostbolt and other straight % changes were such an epic improvement while levelling. Not. They didn't change your Playstyle even a tiny bit, current wow talents are actually interesting now.
    Other good changes include:
    – actual class balance
    – non-trash itemization
    – low level zones with quests and actual stuff to do instead of running around like a dumbass
    – adding relevant pvp
    – remove 40 man raids

  3. The fun of classic is that it is a flawed, broken hard game.
    It makes you feel much better about completing a task knowing the cards were stacked against you.
    I do miss some of the new things that were fixed in retail, but the satisfaction I feel from completing a hard quest out weights things like chain looting, better models, efficient talents trees and more.
    The retail fans versus classic fans are not the new star wars trilogy fans versus the original star wars fans fights.
    The classic fans dont care if WOW keeps evolving and improving with new xpacs or want to stop it; they just want to be in the place they know best and have the most fun.

  4. I think the best change for Classic-WoW will be to have the graphics of Retail, i don't think it would affect the game in any way except it would look better. Ow and the spells animation along with character animation while doing the abilities.

  5. Finally someone that isn't afraid to admit all the good things we have now that everyone enjoys even if they are acting like they don't like them. Ungrateful players today must see this to remember how bad things were and how much better are now.

  6. I hate flexing. Back in vanilla you wanted to do MC, you needed 40 people, you had 35, try again another night. Then they cut it down to 10 and 25 which was good so smaller guild could still do end game content. Flex is catering to casuals. If you cany set 3-4 hours a couple times a week to play a game with friends, then WoW isnt the game for you.

  7. I pretty much disagree with every single statement in this video… almost all the changes you mentioned were the downfall of WoW. WoW wasnt supposed to be easy game, it was supposed to take time for anything you do, especially endgame content like raids or PvP. Why? You felt achievement and progress when you finally did that or made your own skill tree you liked etc

    Now? Wanna raid? press 1 button and wait, want dungeon? Press one button and wait, wanna loot those 30 mobs in one place? one button, cant find NPC? one button

    Liked your other videos but this one is just disgusting.

  8. The big one you no longer need to talk to anyone. You don’t need anyone you don’t need a guild. All the crying turned WoW into a single player game. The WoW from WoW has been lost

  9. All these made the game worse. Why not make a thing where the charecter moves for you? Or why not make a thing to make everything do everything for you? Will make the game better?

  10. I think a lot of the appeal in WoW Classic is the same reason why Pathfinder and D&D 5e exist. 1 is designed for convience, and the other is designed to use inconvience to create immersion. I think both have aspects to them that make them awesome. I fully intend to play both for the foreseeable future, at least until i get through all quests on horde and alliance for classic and try raiding and dungeoning for a while

    However, if i were to only play one, i would play retail. Not because i enjoy retail more than classic (I prefer classic in that sense because i feel like i'm playing d&d as a video game), but because everything, including the subscription and even full expansions, is able to be purchased by merely goldfarming in the game. And as someone with approximately 6mil gold worth of items on retail, knowing that unlike nearly every other mmo i will always play free because of my work within the virtual economy makes playing the game automatically meaningful to work hard at progressing in. If i play WoW Classic atm, sure i am rewarded with a leveling experience far superior to retail and dungeons that truely inspire the tabletop rpg history they are inspired by. But i will need to spend my actual money in order to keep playing.

    My solution is to continue spending approximately 3 hours a week selling the items i already have on retail to the ah every tuesday and occasionally crafting when needed or farming for mounts when i'm in the mood. Then i spend about 5-7 hours a week playing wow classic, with pleanty of rest xp between gameplay sessions. This why i can continue to play wow classic without spending real world money, and continuing to get the thrill of goldmaking that i get from retail atm;

  11. @hirumaredx I think the whole tracking ordeal (although you have a pretty good point with it being convenient) had a big missed opportunity, like raid difficulties (I personally liked the Ulduar Hardmode triggers over how we do it today, just switching to Mythic and that's it.). They could have made the tracking convenient, whilst at least keeping the RPG style inconvenience. If you travel through a world and get to a zone the first time, why would you know where everything is, unless you ask a local (guards)? I think, if we are being completely focused on providing convenience in certain areas, but tried to make it so convenience didn't invalidate the RPG feel, they should have made it so tracking showing Auction Houses, Innkeepers etc. on your map, you should at least have been near or should've at least talked to the NPC once. Thus you would know where the mob is and if you DO forget, tracking kicks in as a convenience feature. Complete agree on the tracking Herbs/Ores though. I don't see how tracking was a big addition there. Whether you click it in your spellbook, on your bars or on your minimap doesn't really matter. Nor did it make a lot of sense to loose the tracking buff/effect when you die, so the addition of minimap tracking made that rather insignificant, but annoying portion of tracking crafting nodes as a whole a lot better.

  12. Mailing one item at a time in classic was pretty dreadful (which they actually did change in the relaunch). Also searching the Auction House, especially for big commodities like cloth (which they did NOT fix).

  13. If we would have kept the old talent system classes could have been able to become hybrids by 120, imagine a fury arms warrior, a holy ret paladin, a restro/boomy a disc/holy priest, although it sounds retarted it would've been a cool concept to try for a short time

  14. I would also add something like dual spec. Especially with all of the grinding in the older versions, having to do so as a healer or tank was a pain and took forever. With changing specs costing up to 50 gold, no one was really willing to spend 100 gold to switch specs to farm and then switch back. It also makes it easier to fill groups when you can fulfill more than one role… but in Classic most classes could only do one thing well enough to be invited.

    So yeah… all specs being viable could be another. Having gear available for all specs would also count as one. There were many good things added, but too many things that ended up harming the game, especially socialization and community.

  15. Look some QoL changes are good. You can do less farmville and more BG. You can do less grind and more raid. Instead you guys prefer to feed your /played time with farming. Once the botters and Chinese Gold Farmers flood the market with materials and gold. You will be raging at everyone who cuts the grind out of the game and begging Blizzard to take action.

    The best solution Blizzard had was getting rid of the incentives. The botting and gold farmers from 3rd world countries went away with the combination of QoL improvements and ban hammers. This is fact. Right now the Chinese gold farmers are leveling as we speak. The botters are testing their programs to see how they can avoid detection as we speak.

    Fishing bot is undetected. The mining and herb gathering bot works for PvE servers (getting ganked will throw off the predesignated pathing and the bot has to stand at empty nodes for 5 seconds as if it was gathering before moving on and they can't ghost rez back etc).


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