Top 10 Differences Between WoW Classic & The Original Release


A leading 10 list detailing all the differences between the re-release of classic, and also the initial release from 2004-2007! )

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  1. Great stuff as always, but I do disagree about vanilla bosses being simple today. While they may have more mechanics today, they have the mechanics to compensate for addons like DBM that essentially tell you what to do, so the boss has to do more to make the fight entertaining. Its not that players have gotten that much better (or worse), but the addons got more sophisticated and trivialize what the fight does.
    I hope the addon api is locked down a bit to prevent people from rolling bosses, simply because they know how to install an addon.

  2. A big part that will slow progression is the shear amount of resists required to advance the initial raids. Crafting FR gear from drops and Onyxia scale cloaks for BWL will stop many from quick kills.

  3. For love of god plz disable addon support or limit it heavily, and just play the game as it should be played.

    Remember addons defeat the purpose to play classic to begin with, we want a harder authentic experience yeah?, addons defeats that entirely. 🙂

  4. I honestly just want one thing if i remember right feral druids didnt get attack power from agility and could only get it from strength but leather gave no strength late game

  5. Wonderful trip down memory lane. If I can find one or two people to join me, I will play Classic. Much more fun with a group because I enjoyed the leveling in Classic.

  6. This video is About 20 minutes longer than need be… what was that 30 second segment of kids guide to The internet doing? There was no punchline and no joke, geez.

  7. They should just fork off in a new direction of expansions, like using this classic to start an "alternate timeline" like where certain major events didn't go as planned and becomes a wasteland.

  8. I find it ironic how the community right now is praising WoW classic for its simplicity, difficulty, immersiveness, etc. and yet the very first thing madseason does is rag on is people that don't use add-ons. It has nothing to do with pride, add-ons literally change the way you play the game and they help automate your experience. The game offers everything you need to beat it without addons. as he mentioned in the video, a lot of those early vanilla addons are now added into the actual game on retail. but my question to anyone reading this is: does the automation problem of retail sound familiar to you? half of everyone's qualms with retail is how the game holds your hand too much. It's why we're having to go back to vanilla to begin with, to a game that's more engaging. I strongly encourage everyone deciding to try classic to leave your add-ons at the door! if not, add-ons may help water down a ton of great things about vanilla and what it has to offer.

  9. The biggest one for me is nothing will be secret anymore. At that point you have everything laid out for you thanks to the state of the internet now. Strong possibility I may not pick it up. Class quests and other cool RP mechanics won't save it in the long run

  10. I played vanilla, got level 40 and quit. I'm gonna play this when it comes out and I'm gonna be a true noob. I'm gonna be a warrior. I cant name 1 warrior skill. Its gonna be like I'm 15 again. Cant wait

  11. It's been a long time since I've seriously played WoW… I will resub for a month or two when I get the itch but I haven't taken "the dive" since high school… I might just dive for classic. I always wanted to play it in it's original form, and this is the closest I'll ever get. I mostly stopped playing because it felt way to "Pay To Win" and I'm excited to have to grind like other's had to do… Am I weird for that? Probably. Do I care? Not one whit.


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