Top 4 Raw Gold Making Ways! 8.1.5 Bfa


Hey Guys and Gals we are back! Expect new videos and more gold!
Bfa Gold Making – Top 4 Raw Gold Making Ways! 8.1.5

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Super chat of $10+ becomes a mod
During streams!

Link to Isle Video is below look for Quick Farm Spot #6! Best Raw Gold Farm? US/EU – 8.0


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Quick Farm Spot #6! Best Raw Gold Farm? US/EU – 8.0


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Quick Farm Spot #6! Best Raw Gold Farm! US/EU – 8.0


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  1. Hope yall enjoy the video! Was fun to make remember to hit that like button and share :{p Comments are always welcomed. Also was the memes with me?

  2. Island of the Watcher's is great for me because I farm it on my Tailor Enchanter. I have a boon of the bloodhunter on shoulders and while farming raw gold I also get tons of silk and greens to DE. Use the silk and Legion dust to make Imbued Silkweave bags (30 slot). They sell for 1.5 to 2k each on my server and sell almost immediately. Honestly the vast bulk of my reliable income is from selling both Imbued Silkweave bags and Hexweave bags (the 30slot from WoD).

  3. I can do mythic Irondocks 2 times, then it says will reset in 6 days. Is that supposed to happen ? I thought i was gonna do every hour.

  4. Never understood raw gold farms tbh. I'd rather farm herbs for an hour and sell the pots. To each their own, I like your videos just never got why people spent more time farming raw gold when they could spend the exact same amount of time just gathering and make tons more

  5. Just for anyone who is interested, WoD raids can be ran seperate times(3 total) to get loot each time…. normal/heroic/mythic each week. This is easy if you just run back out or die in instance and run out then switch difficulty to the next one then clear it…. The only one in WoD currently difficult to complete past Heroic is Hellfire Citadel.

  6. i dont know if i just got shit drops or what but i did all the raids (Cata through WoD) on heroic/mythic 25man and i only got about 17k in total (got alot of pets/mounts) im going to try it again on another toon to if i get better amounts of gold

  7. I find your solo raw gold video's are the best out there. These type of video's will help players to play WoW for free when they buy the tokens. I plan to multi x5 accts in Classic WoW, so these up to date solo raw video';s means alot to me since I cant pay with $$$ due to having a medical condition and cant work. Fund BFA x5 accts with raw gold farming tokens to play Classic WoW for free. Its a win win situation.
    Plz make more solo raw gold farming video's and also do up to date solo raw gold video's when 8.2 patch goes live

  8. Hopefully you can make a video soon for top 10 spots instead. We raw gold farmers need a consolidated guide. Since the video has raid/dungeon farm instead of just world farms, you might as well include first part of Heart of Fear in Pandaria. It's a 3-4 min run and average between 170 – 280 gold per run not counting the motes of harmony.

  9. I luv these raw gold farms. I don't have to keep any inventory just straight direct selling works for me.

    Also is there a way for me to contact you? I have a raw gold farm spot that I haven't seen covered yet in youtube. It's a spot for 1 or 2 person and in a small area and its instant respawn. My initial assessment for it is around 2k-3k gold per hour but I want a pro youtuber to cover it.

  10. I see that you mentioned raids, I'd like to point out that MoP raids have both LFR and normal raids, SoO can be ran LFR, Heroic and Mythic as well. You can make a large quantity of your gold just from them and if you get lucky the pets from them.


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