Top 5 Easy Ways To Make Gold in 2019 / Battle for Azeroth


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  1. Flipping is just greedy market arbitrage you should focus on adding value not min-maxing the value others add. Inflation of prices based on greed just pushes people away from the game.

    RaiderA sells swordA. MarketeerA sees swordA is the only one listed so relists it for 20k instead of 5k. NoobA needs swordA and now has to pay 4 times the price. New people to the game would have a much easier time getting into it if they could just get the deals listed rather then a 3rd party deciding they should be paying a bit more. If your not creating value then your just taking from the community and that mentality ruins it over time.

  2. Where can i find your BoE flipping guide (if you have one). Also i am a returning player and have around 2mill gold right now. Is it worth to start flipping now?

  3. Personally think flipping is scummy. I don't play this game to make profit… So long as I make enough in a month to get another token idc if I have gold.

  4. so…for someone who has been away since mid-way through legion…what are prices for basic stuff like gear repair, decent food, Flight Points, ect.

  5. the pvp items don't really sell, I have had some for a month and I relist them every time they fall off and they haven't sold so.

  6. hey ,if anyone else is searching for how to get wow gold try Skyarza Amazing Wow Star (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

  7. I stopped playing World of Warcraft at the beginning of BFA after I leveled my main to max level and I've always been a mining Skinner to make gold and recently I've decided to maybe start playing again after being away for 6 months or so and I checked the undermine Journal and wow was I shocked at the prices of ore / leather and how much it has fallen since I stopped playing back in September. Tin has for years sold on my server between 9-12 g each, not anymore. I think if I come back I will just farm older raids on my enchanter tailor

  8. It’s a lot of work but for a lot people do this to buy tokens like me Iam trying get a token right now but 108 k is hard come by


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