Torghast Interface Changes Show Recommended ilvl and Wing Descriptions in 9.0.5

Torghast Interface Changes Show Recommended ilvl and Wing Descriptions in 9.0.5

  • A brief description of each wing is now available before embarking on any given Torghast run.
  • To better increase your odds of success, a recommended item level will now be displayed when selecting which Layer difficulty to attempt.

So what exactly does that look like? Here are the entry screens for Skoldus Hall and Mort’regar – the wings that are active this week on the PTR – as well as the entry screen for the Twisting Corridors. As you can see, each now has a description of the kind of environment you will encounter, including, so that it isn’t a surprise, the fact that the Twisting Corridors is 18 Floors per Layer rather than 6 as in the Wings.

When you mouse over a Layer icon, a pop-up informs you of the recommended item level for completing this Layer. This is a recommendation, not a requirement, so you can certainly take on a greater than recommended challenge if you want to. This should help be a guide to people who were inadvertently overfacing themselves and then struggling with a Layer, leaving a very negative view of their experience. Mousing over the Soul Ash icon beneath the Layer icon on the Wing entry screen still provides information about the amount of Soul Ash you can expect to receive if you complete the Layer. As always, the Twisting Corridors do not award Soul Ash.

The recommended Item Levels seem to be consistent for the Wings, but are higher for the Twisting Corridors. Based solely on these recommended Item Levels, if you have completed Layer 5 in the Wings, you should be ready to tackle Layer 1 in the Twisting Corridors.

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 5 Layer 6 Layer 7 Layer 8
Torghast Wings 130 150 160 165 175 180 185 195
Twisting Corridors 170 180 185 195 200 210 220 225

For more information on the changes coming in Shadowlands Patch 9.0.5, consult our guides.

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