Treasures Held by One Who Croaks – Secret Riddle in Dragonflight

Treasures Held by One Who Croaks - Secret Riddle in Dragonflight

Warning: Secret Riddle Spoilers Within

This particular secret begins high up along the eastern edge of The Waking Shore, where the path into a cave is blocked by a large Possessive Hornswog, and a journal lying nearby. Observant Riddles: A Field Guide will direct you to recover three vaguely described items in order to get past the cave’s guardian, but it’s up to you to discover what and where they are!

Your adventure starts here!

A bar of ivory slick which makes bubbles and halts unwelcome kicks? Anyone who has ever been to BlizzCon should know the secret is soap! An Adventurer’s Lost Soap Bar can be found at the Wild Preserve.

Never leave home without it… for all our sake.

A prize of gold can be many things, but the tell here is its wonderous flavor and crescent shape, so of course it has to be a banana! The Marmoni’s Prize can be found in a box at the Dragonscale Basecamp.


Although you might not call it a pleasurably crunch, this coming holiday season is perfect for something brittle, white, and full of fright! A Well-Preserved Bone can be found by the Life Vault Ruins.

Spooky, scary…

Together, the three ingredients can be combined into a delectable “treat” for the Possessive Hornswog, allowing you to slip past and claim the Roseate Hopper among the treasure within!

Special thanks to Lexstrasza for sharing the steps to solving this secret!

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