Tyrande and Winter Queen Datamined Conversation in Patch 9.2.5 (Spoilers)

Tyrande and Winter Queen Datamined Conversation in Patch 9.2.5 (Spoilers)

SPOILERS!!! Possible Major Story Spoilers Ahead.

Update: With servers live, we’ve covered the actual cinematic in a new post.

Note that the following dialogue may have been datamined out of order and may appear differently in-game.

Tyrande Whisperwind.
You came to my realm in pursuit of justice.
Did you find it?
I came here seeking vengeance.
But within these groves, and by the light of Elune, I found something I feared lost.
And thanks to that choice, a sisters’ bond once broken has been mended.
This tear was born of sorrow.
Now it shall become a vessel of renewal.
These souls were saved from the darkness of the Maw.
Unto them, I have offered eternal tranquility in the boughs of Ardenweald.
They have chosen instead to become part of a new beginning for their kin.
This seed embodies the cycle of death and life.
I offer it to you, Tyrande Whisperwind.
On behalf of all the kaldorei, I thank you.

There are also in-game cinematic models for the Winter Queen and the seed offered to Tyrande.

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