Undocumented Nerf to Necrotic Wake Weapons and Kyrian Dungeon Bonus

Undocumented Nerf to Necrotic Wake Weapons and Kyrian Dungeon Bonus

Thanks to Itamae for letting me know about this!

Necrotic Wake Weapons Nerfed

If you’ve done a Necrotic Wake this week, you may have noticed that it felt harder, partly because it’s a Tyrannical week but also because of an undocumented nerf to all the Necrotic Wake weapons and Kyrian bonus.

As a reminder, the bonuses in Necrotic Wake are:

Kyrian Bonus:

All of these items have been nerfed by 50%, making this dungeon much more difficult. Players could make good use of Discharged Anima and Bloody Javelin to make huge pulls on trash and kill it quickly or use Forgotten Forgehammer and Bloody Javelin to do massive boss damage. Anima Exhaust from Kyrian did a massive amount of damage to whatever you wanted. Now, this dungeon is going to be much harder as you won’t be able to rely on these bonuses and more of your damage will need to come from the actual players rather than using a weapon, but this also means that the large pulls will be more dangerous, as they won’t outright kill the adds for you.

Here’s an example of the Bloody Javelin on a +16 from last week on July 16th, to a +17 from this week on July 21st. For reference, the weapons are not affected by Tyrannical or Fortified.

+16 on July 16th +17 on July 21st

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