Unprune ME! Shadowlands' Class Changes: Priest Edition!


With Shadowlands on the return we dive into what possible old abilities could come back to the game for the Priest class. Priest had few mentions during the Deep Dive at Blizzcon so we’re going to speculate over what could come in the future!

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  1. Automatic Jak good video mate but you also should mention pvp prespective too , since casters are joke in pvp i really wish two things ( inner fire added to base line and improve inner fire rank 3 as talent ) same thing with demonology ( improve demon armor rank 3 talent and demon armor baseline ) since its not tanky whatsoever

  2. when you talking about utility i can say only one thing..blizzard i dont want to be Unique..i want to be invited to groups in m+ higher then 15 even if im not playin meta classes xD i dont have that problem now cause im living that meta life but imagine being a arcane mage you loooove that spec but unfortunately fuck you xD

  3. I seriously want Shadow Orbs and Devouring Plague back. MoP shadow has been my favorite rendition, but anything would be nice. Mained spriest since WotLK launch, and haven't touched it since Legion. I want my class back. Insanity sucks.

  4. The whole blizzard philosophy of reducing skills because of some reason I still can't figure out, was the singular most ruining aspect of the game I feel. Some may feel different, there's definitely arguments to that statement. But on subject, soooo many skills that were less used would have become immense benefits for mythic plus and RPG aspects. UNPRUNE!!!

  5. WoD Chakra was stupid as hell. I think they were best in cataclysm, but needed to not have a 30 second CD. If they had a short CD, or none at all, you would have a playstyle where you're swapping constantly to keep renews refreshed, and making sure all of your AoE healing is getting a % healing bonus.

  6. As a Shadow I'd like at least one of those :
    – sw:death base line
    – cascade/halo back
    – devouring plague
    – option to go either ST upfront dmg build with mind spike, or multidot build, kinda like in wod

  7. First. I want my instant cast spells back. Not just for priest but for all healers.

    As someone who loves holy, I would like Inner Fire back as well as PW:S baseline just for my own protection. I don't want to see chakras come back. 30 seconds was way long and penalizing for being in the wrong one at the wrong time. And why should priests have to choose between single and aoe. If they bring it back, it should be just like changing stance. No cd or 10 seconds at the most.

    Also some love for cascade and halo for all specs. I loved shadow halo back in the day. Also shadow orbs. I don't care if they make it a talent but baseline would be better.

    I want lightspring. I don't mind that it's set it and forget it. Mushroom is set it and forget it and it's just fine.

  8. If they added baseline circle of healing, baseline binding heal, good chakras that made the class feel viable in all different content and some shadow damage abilities it would be the best class

  9. I save grip for the end of an m+ to grip the first person to hearth when they get to 1 sec. Its become a thing for my group to wait for 1 person to start casting then laugh while they wait for it or spread out and run in diffrent directions.


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