Valeera and Calia Menethil Dialogue in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch

Valeera and Calia Menethil Dialogue in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch

Valeera: Lady Menethil, may I ask if… oh, forgive me. Should I refer to you as princess, or are you now a queen?
Calia: Lady Menethil is fine. Calia is even better. I gave up my claim to the throne long ago.
Valeera: Understood. King Anduin has spoken highly of you, and I know he bears guilt over what befell you in the Arathi Highlands.
Calia: The king is a good man. I do not blame him for what happened. All the guilt lies with Sylvanas Windrunner.
Valeera: We have much in common, I think. Both caught between two worlds, belonging fully to neither. Yet being able to move between them offers certain advantages.
Calia: I thought to be a bridge between the living and the undead. My first attempt ended in sorrow. But I have not given up hope, Lady Sanguinar.
Valeera: I am most pleased to hear that. But please, I am no lady. My friends call me Valeera, Lady Menethil. Excuse me… Calia.

In this dialogue, we learn more about Calia’s views on the Forsaken. Players have been concerned that with Sylvanas out of the picture, a ruler long synonymous with Forsaken identity, it would seem jarring for Calia to assume the reins of leadership as an outsider. But with this dialogue, it’s clear that Calia doesn’t see herself as a queen with a rightful claim on Lordaeron anymore.

This dialogue also clears up some confusion if Calia and Valeera are allied solely with the Horde, as they are located in Orgrimmar in the pre-patch. It appears that they will stay neutral characters who interact with faction leaders on both sides, moving between both worlds without really fitting in. In spite of the awkward start to their conversation, they end it as friends, so perhaps we’ll see more of Valeera and Calia together as they navigate Alliance and Horde politics.

We also learned in pre-patch dialogue that Lilian Voss acts as the Forsaken representative to the Horde Council, which should put to rest concerns that Calia would seize control of Lordaeron. Calia’s motivations to help in Shadowlands can be attributed to a desire to help the Forsaken as well as undo the tragic legacy of her family left by Arthas.

Calia Menethil:

When I worked with King Wrynn to arrange a meeting between the living and the undead in Arathi, I thought I understood the Forsaken. Only too late did I realize how little I knew.
But after being raised into undead myself, I have begun to see the depths of what they have endured. With the help of Lilian Voss, I have found ways to aid those who feel abandoned and alone.
Right now, the whole world trembles beneath the specter of death. And fear, left unchecked, will consume every soul it touches.
I cannot allow that to happen. Not to the people of Lordaeron, nor to any who fight for the good of Azeroth.

Lilian Voss:

The war taught me many lessons. Who I could trust… and who I could not.
Through her actions, Sylvanas has proven that she doesn’t care about the Forsaken’s fate. But we have endured too much to allow her betrayal to unravel what we have built.

You think my words harsh, $p? Did you willfully do her bidding? Turn a blind eye upon her endless atrocities?
Windrunner chose her path–and her allies. We all did.
Once, I would have sought vengeance. Retribution. But now, I care only that the Forsaken have a future. And for that, we need the right leaders in place.
I will lend my voice to the Horde council and speak for my people. For a time, at least.

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