VANILLA FLAVORS ?Hunter Classic WoW Class Guide


Hunters! They class is known for beeing the noobs of WoW but what you might not know is depth the class can really have when you do the research! So why should you play a hunter in Classic WoW? LETS FIND OUT!!!!!

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Leveling – 00:51
PVE – 3:12
PVP – 5:36
Professions – 7:42
Quirks – 8:37


Hunter Autoshot Timer (Yaht)
Marudon Farming:
End Slate Song:

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  1. Shiet…I played Hunter in beta and Vanilla and man…we were so confused of how much Willpower we really need on our equipment…since all the leather armor had willpower on it at that time and some people said "go willpower all the way"…yeah, Huntards….till we found out that Agility all the way makes you go brrtrtrtrtrt.
    Fun times, setting up ice traps in BWL and rolling need on ALL items in MC. xD

  2. Honestly, If I would play Classic, I would still go full BM for the exotics NGL
    P.S: I've oit of WoW for so long I forgot you can't tame exotics until Wrath lol, my bad

  3. I miss the classic hunter quests such as getting your first pet, like seriously? That quest taught you how to tame a pet and practically gave you a pat on the head and “good job at making a new friend” once completing it… now they are just npcs that sit there and stare as you pass by to other quests.

  4. My main character was my human warrior for dungeons and raids, but my hunter was my cash cow. I used him to solo one boss in Uldaman (Galgann Firehammer), disenchant the drops and sell those to enchanters for a nice profit. Each run made me about 5-10 gold and I could do five runs in about half an hour or so. Do that for a while and that gold for your other character's mounts comes in pretty quickly.
    Generally hunters could do quests which were really intended for >1 players, as their pets were basically like having a tank with you at all times to soak up damage. But this ability of being able to solo most quests also made hunters somewhat difficult to work with in groups, since many never played in groups before and didn't take into consideration that not everyone could feign death when shit hit the fan. I remember one hunter who thought that he could solo the Deadmines all on his own and ended up pulling every mob and wiping our group about four times until we kicked him from the group. Ironically we did better with four instead of five players…

  5. Oh my…. I got an ad for some kid with a condition, being bullied in kindergarden and I thought this was part of the video meming hunters

  6. Screech is a tanking ability, causing damage and reducing AP of all nearby enemies. Carrion birds have increased base armor, which makes them better at tanking than bats and owls. Carrion birds are the best screech pets.

  7. I remember when they switched us to focus. The fact that I lost Viper Shot for PvP purposes was a blow…Ah well, I haven't played in 10 years, but those were fun memories anyway

  8. this video the huntard never really admit because they deep inside them they know Huntard is fukcing opp even with lowest gear

  9. I hate hunter in vanilla so opp easy for leveling for pvp and pve and easy way to stay alife and attack at distance !!! its like ice mage haha

  10. Okay I had to like the video once i saw that "WHY ARE YOU RUNNING!" thing added in. That movie is hilarious. Also, great vid. I'm going to make a hunter.

  11. Classic blizzerd making things more broken like hunter dps. This garbage is better than bfa but don’t wait for me when tbc wotlk goes live, classic is still unbalanced shit it’s just bfa is really bad.


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