vanilla wow gold farming – Northdale wow – nostalrius-Classic wow- General Tips and tricks for fresh


Correction: You must be level 5 to learn professions, not level 1. Sorry about the error.
Some general tips and tricks on how to successfully level and farm decent amounts of gold on a fresh classic server when it launches and the economy hasn’t been built up yet. Thing’s I will be doing myself when classic wow launches.

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2:22 Section 1: Bags and bag space
5:00 Section 2: Bank Alts
6:23 Section 3: What your going to keep, vendor, auction and use
9:55 Section 4: Professions and secondary professions
12:10 Section 5: Instances, to do them or not to do them, That is the question.
13:20 Section 6: Guilds
14:25 Section 7: Classes, Whats good for what, Roll a main or roll a farm alt first
15:32 Section 8: To mount or To walk
16:15 Section 9: Grinding or questing or both?
18:13 Section 10: Player auction psychology and private server players vs retail players, Suck em both dry.

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  1. This video was originally close to an hour long but I really wanted to cut thing's down without removing too much content. So some thing's may be missing but hopefully, you all enjoy! :). And a head's up, Im looking to start live streaming soon once i force myself to get over my cam shyness!

  2. On section 5 you could consider skipping a mount if you are a shaman or druid since you get travel abilities but i'd mostly agree that the time saved buying the mount that you can then farm with will more than make up for the 100g. Skipping mount is more for time efficiency or leveling as a group when you don't have enough gold for everyone.

  3. This channel is awesome, glad I found it! Disagree about the "cooking goes hand in hand with fishing"part though, since cooking basicly levels itself just by meat from beasts along your way. Specially if you're a grinder I would say cooking is a must, since those extra stats will help you out.

  4. the intro and ending is way to loud. Had to turn it down then i couldn't hear you speak then turn it back up and the ending fucking blasted me lol. Other then that good video with helpful tips


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