vanilla wow gold farming – Northdale wow – nostalrius – Classic wow – Mageweave Cloth farm + rep


A short video on the best none instanced places to farm mageweave cloth as well as timbermaw reputation.

Upon the release of classic wow, the market for mageweave will be fairly busy, however, as people level past the 50’s mageweave will take a very large dive in availability. If you time it right you can control that entire market and make thousands of gold very quickly. I plan on doing this myself on the release of classic wow and I hope you too are able to take advantage of the situation.

I would also like to say, it’s hard to narrow down a gold per hour for this spot with price fluctuations, However, a good binge grind will net you thousands of gold and the potential for market share in mageweave.

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  1. Hey! I watched all of your gold farming videos, and I plan on going Fury War for classic. Which one would you say would be best for a fury war to farm (level 60)? I heard Dire Maul east is good if you have a healer, but I need somewhere for solo play too.

  2. This is where I got Edgemaster's from c:

    Just a tip, get the Minimapbuttonframe addon! It'll collect all the addons around your minimap into one button, clicking the button will open up a menu of sorts with all the addons in it.
    It'll make that pretty Pfui of yours look even more pretty!


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