Vengeance DH Class Changes: New Talents In Shadowlands 9.0


Pure speculation video about class changes in the upcoming expansion Shadowlands 9.0. If blizzard sees this video it might give them some ideas and not stay as pure speculation but a close reality. I hope you enjoy this video and if you have ideas of your own please share them in the comments down bellow or come on stream and let brainstorm.
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  1. How do you know any of those things become baseline? I would love to continue playing my demon hunter into shadowlands but im feeling like its going to be even more pruned then it is right now when we lose neck essence and azerite gear stuff. PvP talents, are they staying or not? If not then Rain from above is going to be pruned for Havoc making the most fun pvp talent say goodbye, only this could make me reroll out of demon hunter tbh. Rain from above is the shit and is super fun ability, its so different from other classes stuff.

  2. Hi, great video as always, the last resort change might make us a little too OP lol.

    i have given it a little thought and this is what i would change talent tree, i've used initials for the abilities to shorten reading time and [T] means new talent

    99- Abyssal strike baseline, razor spikes no longer snares
    , [T] Immo aura slows targets by 30%,
    100-FOS-souls heal for 1% more per soul ( 8% to 9%), BA spreads to 2 enemies instead of 1.

    101- charred flesh reduces Fiery Brand CD by 20 percent

    104-FTD and Fracture baseline, [T] demonic infusion (2 mins CD) [T] Fel Dev turns you into meta for 4 sec

    105-QS baseline- [T] new sigil or give SOF *2 charges + dmg buff

    108-Glut and fel dev are baseline, Spirit Bomb replaces Soul Cleave. Need 2 new talents

    110-,Void Reaver- souls reduce dmg taken by 3% per soul for 8 secs

    Demon Spikes- 16 sec recharge- 2 charges

    Meta- 2 mins CD

    Soul Cleave and Spirit Bomb now consume all available souls

    Souls work like combo points
    , dont spawn on floor.
    Fel dev now castable on move, 30 sec CD.
    Fracture produces 30 pain

  3. i would say, keep fracture, soul barrier and soul bomb as baseline, as those are the most interesting rows and could make us very good tanks. gluttony/visions plus spamming soul bomb. can you imagine the healing


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