Vereesa Windrunner Short Story in World of Warcraft: Folks & Fairy Tales Book (Story Spoilers)

Vereesa Windrunner Short Story in World of Warcraft: Folks & Fairy Tales Book (Story Spoilers)

Players are already receiving their copies of the newest WoW book, World of Warcraft: Folks & Fairy Tales, a new collection of short stories from throughout Azeroth. Redditor SheepRCountingMe3 posted an interesting piece of information regarding Vereesa Windrunner on the r/warcraftlore subreddit.

World of Warcraft: Folks & Fairy Tales will be officially released on May 25th. You can pre-order the book on Amazon at the link below!

World of Warcraft: Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth

WARNING: Story spoilers for World of Warcraft: Folks & Fairy Tales and Chains of Domination below! Do not continue scrolling if you don’t want to be spoiled!

The World of Warcraft: Folks & Fairy Tales book is a collection of short stories from many subjects in Azeroth. Reddit SheepRCountingMe3 talks about Vereesa’s short story, “Sister is Another Word for Always”, on his reddit post. The Vereesa short story is written by Catherynne M. Valente.

The redditor mentions that Veressa’s short story talks about a journey to the Maw in a dream-like state, in which she finds Sylvanas’ soul. However, it is noted that the soul she finds is shattered, just a fragment. Vereesa eventually gets to confront the Jailer about it in this dream-like state, who confirms it’s just a piece of her. Below, we have an excerpt of the book screenshotted by the redditor.

But was it truly her soul? It seemed only a fragment somehow, a sliver of her, dancing with light. A little baby mithril-head trout, with her knowing eyes staring back at me, nuzzling the wolf-fur that covered my palm. Mist seeped away into the pelt and dripped back down into the mire. Any piece of her was worth enduring this trial.
The fish-fragment shimmered and thrashed in my hood, and then it was her, all of her, standing as tall as she ever did, poised as if to run on the edge of a land abhorrent to her nature, her golden her in a long braid, her gray (…)

This is not the first instance of shattered soul fragments in the Shadowlands. On the Afterlives: Bastion, it is initially hinted that Uther’s soul is being fragmented by Frostmourne, with more confirmation coming through the Kyrian questline in 9.0. On the continuation of Uther’s questline in Chains of Domination, we visit a realm hidden deeply within Torghast where we see more fragments of souls – All of them being victims struck by Arthas and Frostmourne.

Although the storyline in the Folks & Fairy Tales book is mentioned to be a dream journey for Vereesa, we do get in-game sources in Patch 9.1, Chains of Domination that victims struck by Frostmourne do get their souls shattered. However, Sylvanas’s fragment is nowhere to be seen within the Frostmourne realm. Could that mean that the Jailer is in possession of one of Sylvanas’ soul? What effects could this have had on Sylvanas?

We do know that Sylvanas is the final boss encounter of the new raid of Patch 9.1, Chains of Domination, but it is currently unknown if we kill her for good or if she’s just defeated.

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