View Soulbinds and Conduits with the Wowhead Twitch Extension

View Soulbinds and Conduits with the Wowhead Twitch Extension

Once the extension is installed, viewers simply need to click the Wowhead rocket icon on their screen to view your linked character’s stats, talents, soulbinds, and conduits! Everything has a mouseover tooltip and links back to our database, so you can easily look up any item or spell.

Installing the Extension

Log into Twitch and go to your Dashboard page; from there you’ll find a menu option for Extensions and search for “Wowhead” in the top right search box, or just get it directly using this link. Hit the Install button and a prompt will let you know once it has been automatically installed! Now you can configure which characters you want to add to the display. On the configurations page, you can choose where the buttons will appear on your screen and which characters will be shown. In the future, all you’ll need to do is select the character you want to display before you go live – all the talent and gear syncing is automatic with the API.

Keep in mind that only streamers need the extension! Viewers don’t need to do any setup whatsoever, however there have been reports that various browser plugins including some adblockers may stop the extension from loading properly – so if you don’t see the expected character screen, try adjusting any browser plugins you have running on that particular page.

Bug Report and Feedback

We’re very excited to keep our extension updated for all the optimizations you want to see, and are always looking for new things to add. Although we are limited by the API, let us know if you have any feature requests, so that we know how to improve the tool in the future! Likewise, if you have any bug report, feedback, or criticism, you can reach us in our Discord, in the #site-feedback-support channel, or email us at

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