Virtual Protest and Walkout in Support of #ActiBlizzWalkout on July 28th

Virtual Protest and Walkout in Support of #ActiBlizzWalkout on July 28th

This coordinated mass logout is being promoted as a better way for players with active subscriptions to make a visible statement to the company. Mass logouts send a clearer message via analyzable game data compared to simple inactivity, or just not logging on, both of which can be attributed to other variables. By specifically logging out all at the same time, the developers can see a demonstrated spike of purposeful logouts.

Join us for a virtual protest and walkout in support of the #actiblizzwalkout. Tomorrow July 28th at 10 am PST Activision Blizzard employees will be holding a formal walkout in protest for better working conditions for women and other marginalized groups.

At 9am PST we will start to congregate in Oribos near the portals (Please turn Warmode Off). At 10am PST we will be logging out as Activision Blizzard employees do their physical walkout.

If you cannot log on, Activision Blizzard employees have requested you show support with the hashtag #actiblizzwalkout and the blue heart in addition to donating to the following charities if you have the means:
Black Girls Code –
Futures without Violence –
Girls Who Code –
Women in Animation –
Women in Games International –

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