Volcanic and Bursting Mythic+ Affixes Changed in Shadowlands Alpha

Volcanic and Bursting Mythic+ Affixes Changed in Shadowlands Alpha


Thanks to Jaasce for pointing out the Volcanic change to me.

Volcanic was considered one of the easiest Mythic+ affixes and this change seems to make it something you don’t (or can’t) ignore.

Volcanic Plume   Deals Fire damage equal to 40% targets’ health to enemies within a 2 yard radius.Inflicts 20 Fire damage to players within 2 yds and knocks them high into the air.

  • Effect #1 Damage From Max Health PctSchool Damage (Fire)
    Value: 4020
  • NEW Effect #2 Knock Back
    Value: 280

Volcanic no longer deals % health damage and deals a flat amount of damage.

  • Based on comparison to another spell (Manifest Death), my speculation is that this will equate to a base of about 6,802 damage in a Mythic dungeon.
  • A level 60 Arms Warrior in entry level gear (170 item level) has 24,360 health to give you an idea of how much damage this will deal.
  • This is about ~28%, compared to the current Volcanic value of 40% damage, making this a direct damage nerf to Volcanic but adding in fall damage will probably even this out or surpass current values.

As for the knock back, the Volcanic knock back has a value of 280, and a close comparison is Ashvane’s Upsurge with a knock back value of 300. This should be high enough that it’s a significant disruption if you get hit and you’ll likely take fall damage.

But on the other hand… Dratnos (MDI Caster and streamer) pointed out to me that there’s probably some interesting stuff you can do with the added knockback. You might be able to do an interesting skip or dodge a dungeon mechanic that doesn’t hit along the z-axis by getting hit by Volcanic intentionally.


Bursting was an interesting affix because it generally became less impactful the higher the key level since Bursting damage didn’t scale. In addition, Mobs that have less health will more than likely die together and limits chain pulling due to Bursting. Whereas, mobs that take a long time to die were really easy to stagger Bursting stacks.

Burst   Upon death the creature Bursts, inflicting damage equal to (35 / 10)% of maximum health3 Shadow damage every 1 sec. This effect stacks.

  • Effect #1 Damage From Max Health PctSchool Damage (Shadow)
    Value: 353

Note, the actual Burst debuff hasn’t updated its tooltip and is showing funny values at the moment. However, we can speculate that 1 stack of Bursting will deal ~1,000 damage per second at a base when using the same comparison as earlier.

  • Compared to entry level gear (170 item level) of 24,360 health, this is 4.1% health — but we expect this value will even out or even surpass to the current 3.5% health damage once players get more gear.

One other change to the Burst debuff is it has been changed to a Magic Debuff, making it dispellable by all healers and a few other classes and specs. Disc Priests who have previously struggled dealing with Bursting when there are no mobs will be able to just Mass Dispel all the stacks off their party!

Dispel type Magic

Scaling with Key Level?

One of the reasons that this change may be making this change is so that these Affixes scale with key levell.

  • As key level goes up, the amount of damage these affixes deal goes down relative to the amount of damage from trash and bosses, making the affixes less impactful.

It’s unconfirmed if these affixes will scale with key level but I think it’s likely they will scale with key level as there’s not really a reason to change this otherwise. Without scaling with key level, these new affixes would be even weaker than before and get even worse when you get more gear. If these affixes do scale, the base value seems to start lower but will continue to scale with the dungeon’s damage as you do higher keys.

Imagine a +15 key doing +245% more Volcanic or Bursting damage. What do you think of this change?

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