What Is The Best Way Of Making Gold In WoW BFA – Gold Making, Gold Farming


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In this video i will show you
My Channel Covers Gold Guides and Achievements for all players in wow.

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  1. What realm you play on bro? I am on one of the highest pop realms and im having hard time selling the mounts from JC, BS and ENG, as well as some minor stuff like primals, ores, etc. Idk whats going on right now.

  2. got a tip for people farming for their vial of the sands, make sure to transmute Elementium to Pyrium on any alchemist you have every day. fish for Vol. fire in twilight highlands (fire area in the purple area near the raid). get vol. air in normal Vortex pinnacle, get vol. water from the elementals at the verral river delta in twilight highlands. ive found taht gettin the Vol. life you need, means getting a lot of extra herbs, and ive found that selling them in the stacks required for the vial of the sand means other people will buy em. so 64 Cinderbloom, 64 azsharas veil, and 128 of the reeds from uldum ( forgot the name xD) GL 🙂

  3. I recently came back to the game and almost every market on my main server is usually shit now because so many people left and the server population dropped insanely.
    Also investing in event mounts has been shit because the prizes of them dropped extremely.
    Transmog is still alright and besides that even the new profession stuff on all professions is usually bad.

  4. Damn your realm must be crazy, vatus runes sell for about 5g a piece on my realm. Just wanted to ask bc i didnt actually know if i saw that in an old video or if its just bc im on high pop

  5. Thank you for answering, but I don't understand what rout u recommend for herb+mining in BfA content. u said there is a 27k/hour rout, but now price on ore/herb is super low


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