What’s The BEST CLASS In Patch 8.3 So Far? | WoW BfA


Let’s have a look at some of the best classes in patch 8.3 from where I’m sitting right now. There’s a lot to consider for this patch!
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  1. If you got gold on the dungeons in mop you can use your challengers portal to panda land every 8 hours Wich is enough for your dailies

  2. I have not played WoW since TBC. What would be a stromg class that is fun to play and should I boost a class or should I level one till shadowlands gets released?

  3. Im new to WoW i played back when i was 13 in 2010 and i remember playing as a hunter and being able to tame spiders and then there was a i think albino spider boss with a bunch of regular spider minions and at first i had a regular spider tamed it was alright but when i tamed the stronger albino boss like spider it had a way better attack then the regular ones but as i read up on hunters guides for WoW now in 2020 since i feel like playing it again i noticed that its saying the hunters tamed creature has the same attacks and stats now as any creature you tame no matter what they will all have same stats so now the only reason to tame a creature is for its "looks" if thats the case then they just completely ruined a class

  4. not be an ass but video kinda sucks all you do show 2 classes what is for ppl who cant play the game i mean like comon lmao

  5. I only just got the game today haha total noob! No idea what to do at all, soo many classes no idea what to play… I usually go Warrior in RPGs or mages… but mages tend to he super squishy 🙁 no idea what to choose haha. Love to be DK or DH but they start at high levels an no idea of the game and it's systems haha.

  6. DH will always be Blizzard's top melee. They let them use Blades of Azeroth after all, while giving the Rogues etc who actually had to earn those weapons a big F you. No reason to ever ever ever play another melee. DH will always be strong

  7. Hello, I was wonder if u could make a video guide for new players/returning players for wow for each best race/class combo options. I did my research but until now i just realized all these old videos from these research are not up to date because i just found out of racial traits that were removed from certain races that were best fit for those classes i.e. humans for the sword perk for rogues over certain other races but were removed, i.e. troll for the bow for marksmen hunter/beast mastery over orc race for example and i couldnt find any content videos on the 8.3 patch 2020 updates or following up for shadowlands. I was hoping you're able to provide a guide video regarding each race/class combo best suited for the up to date wow guide for those returning/new players/ those who are interested in creating an alt, even with those new races put as an option.

  8. Well Kelani you said frost mage can solo visions. That not really true or just i'm unlucky since in ilvl 438 frost mage i bein killed by Thrall so easily like as you smash a fly. And i not have anyone to go it together. So to be honest this whole 8.3 systems are pretty annoying to me.

  9. I don't know why everyone says it's the worst expansion. Im a casual solo player, almost everything i do is alone or with pugs. And i have fun. This is what matters the most. Im quarantined since 10 March and if it weren't for WOW i would freak out of boredom staying inside

  10. I disagree with blizz because what class of mine I actually play did not get hit by a truck. Rogues got hit badly, warriors idk where they are at now days windwalkers monks ranked 20 the only classes that are good right now for me are balance druids which I never play feral druids are ranked 11 hardly play and havoc demon hunters ranked 8 which I rarely play, my mage is 110 but can't do the arcane sub class that well this patch I think blizz really wanted to annoy the crap out of me 😂

  11. I'm actually trying to reroll from a havoc demon hunter right now. Yes it is strong, but the aesthetic has kind of lost its luster and I am looking for a class easier to RP.

  12. BM hunters are incredibly underpowered. I get curb stomped by every other class. My rogue and DK do quite the opposite…


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