Who's Next? Centaurs in Love Questline Rewards Floral Bouquet Toy!

Who's Next? Centaurs in Love Questline Rewards Floral Bouquet Toy!

The Centaur of Ohn’ahran Plains play an important role in Dragonflight. In one heartwarming side questline, we help a pair of Centaur who are both looking for the same thing – the perfect way to propose to each other!

Centaurs in Love

In the Centaur capital of Maruukai, Hunter Narman of Clan Shikaar can be found, wondering how best to propose to his love, Windsage Dawa. Shikaar are hunters, and Narman is no different, but he wants the proposal to follow the traditions and rituals of Dawa’s clan – clan Ohn’ir, the spiritual leaders of the Centaur – and he asks you to help.

Windsage Dawa, meanwhile, has an almost identical request – he wants to propose to Hunter Narman, and asks you to learn which proposal will be most worthy of his love.

We consult an Elder Odgerel of the Teerai clan on Narman’s behalf, and she sends us to bring sweets to the matchmaker, Osila of Clank Nokhud. Osila explains Narman will need to petition Dawa’s ancestor, who you help summon. To Elder Odgerel’s surprise, all the spirit of Saran Khan seems interested in before offering her blessing is whether or not Narman loves Dawa.

Hunter Narman says: Great Khan! I come before you seeking your blessing in seeking the hand of your grandson.
Hunter Narman says: I am among the mightiest of Shikaar hunters of the current day. I can hit the eye of a bruffalon from 60 paces. I am faster than–
Saran Khan says: Enough! I care not for your accomplishments. Is your love true?
Hunter Narman says: It is.
Saran Khan says: Then you have my blessing. Stay true as you claim your arrow to be, hunter.
Elder Odgerel says: Love? This is far from traditional.

Windsage Dawa, meanwhile, has us consult Ohn Arasara of Clan Ohn’ir, and she tells you the tradition is to bring sweets to the intended’s family. We deliver sweets from Dawa to Provisioner Zara, Narman’s mother. Though she’s touched, she explains the Shikaar clan have their own tradition – a hunting trophy is required. She makes it clear Dawa isn’t expected to go on the hunt himself, as he’s been called to a higher purpose, but that you could slay a musken on his behalf.

Once you have completed both quests, Dawa asks you to invite Narman to a certain pond – the place where they first met, where it was love at first sight. As it turns out, Narman is preparing to ask you to invite Dawa to the same pond – and when you tell him Dawa is already heading there, he rushes off to meet his love. You arrive just in time to witness the centaurs each realize, mid-proposal, that they are proposing to each other.

Hunter Narman says: Dawa! I must ask-
Windsage Dawa says: Narman! I’ve brought you here to ask-
Dawa pauses for a moment in confusion and then laughs.
Narman errupts in laughter.
Windsage Dawa says: Did we just?
Hunter Narman says: We did. Want to get married?
Windsage Dawa says: More than anything. I love you.
Hunter Narman says: And I, you. More than anything.

The reward for completing this questline is the Lover’s Bouquet, a toy that can be thrown to friendly players to catch. The flavor text on this toy reads “Who’s next?” – referring to our own world’s tradition of throwing the bridal bouquet at weddings to see who, according to superstition, will get married next.

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