Why Classic WoW Is WORTH Your Time


After enjoying with the Classic WoW Beta weekly, I decided to make a movie to talk about my ideas on thought of time investment compared to contemporary variants of WoW. I’ve been enjoying my experience up to now, and seem to create more videos later on. Thanks everybody for the support!

TipsOut Casual Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V9FyWhtT5M

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  1. You can enjoy the game as a casual. But if you're into PvP, you can't really compete if you don't quit your job. It's based on *time*, not skill. And I know what I'm talking about, I missed school to reach Rank 11 in Vanilla.
    Edit: don't get me wrong, I prefer Vanilla over retail (way more rewarding, RPG & "I'm just a grunt" feeling).

  2. You can play as a casual.
    The only aspect of the game that requires 10+ hours a day is rank 14.
    The game is easy and you can raid naxx with 3-4 hours a day..
    Even less if you don't care about raiding.
    Please don't say I'm wrong, I was there and did this myself.
    If wow was your first game and you generally have no common sense, it may take longer to play.

  3. You literally counter acted your own points. You made me want to play classic less and made retail sound enjoyable in comparison. Very funny to watch you try and argue these points lol

  4. I think osrs does everything you said but better. If you invest x amount of time into it then you get x out of it. And its not short term or a few weeks. Its for the rest of your account. The only problem it has is for new.players or people who prefer a mich higher increase of action in their gameplay. sadly you either grind to the top and get that in osrs which takes a hefty amount of time for most or you can play things like vanilla. Im soo excited to play vanilla becaude it essentially ticks all those boxes. Sadly theme park mmo"s do somewhat outscale themselves at a faster pace then i would like. That being said vanilla is gonna make you feel like the time invested is worth it and for the plsyers who prefer the combat then i am so happy that you guys can find your achievements and time worthwhile again in your favourite game

  5. This guy just gets it. I tried WoW several times after the launch of Cataclysm, and I just felt like i was wasting my time every single time I retried it. I loved Burning Crusade the most, because I wanted to be as good as the people clearing the T6 content, and that wasnt something that was ever given to you, if you wanted it…you had to earn it. Thats what is non existant in current MMORPGs and thats what a lot of players want and miss. If you dont get that, your probably one of those idiots complaining on the WoW forums until they make the game easier for you. Blizzard listening to the community ruined WoW, the community doesnt know what they want. They think they want it easier, but when they get it, they complain its not challenging. Make YOUR game Blizzard, not the fans game.

  6. worth the time? it's a reskin on a game from 2003… bro, there's nothing new. its the exact same shit from 16 years ago. and you're paying a monthly subscription. real talk – not everyone is playing video games for a living. some of us have actual jobs. i think you just never had to go through real life shit that involves real time management.

  7. classic is a casual game, it was sold as a casual game back in 2004. But kids today sees it as hardcore and unfair.

    Our world is going to die in the near future.

  8. I would've loved it if the game came out earlier in the summer but seeing how I'll only have an hour or two to play during the school year I'll skip this one

  9. Hey Stoopz!! I totally agree with all what u said WoW was incredible the time just passed flying and u wanted to play just 1 more hour haha, I'm really hype about Vanilla launch professions and all the other stuff

  10. Any game that requires a subscription fee will be designed to be addictive and require lots of time invested to reach all the content. it’s just common sense. WoW was fun for a while but MMOs are a niche genre now because the grind creates a sense of anxiety in most people because it’s unhealthy to even sit for longer than an hour at a time, and to progress in WoW at a decent pace 1 hour a day just isn’t worth it.


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