WHY No New Class in Shadowlands? Mythic+ VS Raid Loot? WoW: Shadowlands Dev Interview


Method had an amazing chance to sit down with two Devs, Lead Game Designer Morgan Day & Game Producer Shani Edwards to ask some pressing questions about the new expansion announced at BlizzCon World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
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– Lake Wintergrasp – World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King
– Nordrassil – World of Warcraft – Cataclysm
– Durotar – World of Warcraft – Cataclysm
– The Ramkahen – World of Warcraft – Cataclysm
– Sea Walkers – World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King


  1. If there was a new class what would you want it to be?
    BE CREATIVE! I think I'd want Vampires but they're a spell caster that can siphon blood from their enemies to heal etc

  2. I understand the point of focusing on character customization, but I hope they make the necromancer class creation cutscene unique to your race, like Valpera using necromancy or pursuing it to make life easier in the sands and such.

  3. BS, they did not give us a new class because, they fucking did not want to spend money/time on it, and they "were not prepared" for the shit storm BfA brought on them, so they probably had to redo a lot of shit for SL.
    You dont like BfA, fork people listen up, we need to scrap every thing we have made for SL, no no we do not want more Isle, no no no no Such thing as a Warfront, yeah i know i said that we just copy paste those thing over to SL and save huge money, and we fired half the people that worked for us, but now they do not like that, so we need to come up with some new shit FUCK.

    What? What do you mean we do not have much to show at BlizzCon then? We just throw some videoes together and its fine, no one will even notice that there isent much content in it…

  4. Necromancer hello? Its been asked for since Vanilla. This is the perfect expansion to release a Necromancer. Every expansion that adds a new class has been their most popular. Why would you now choose to not put effort into making a class?

  5. frost Necromancer that can turn into lich is all that ive ask.

    Necromancer with 3 spec. A frost spec that can turn into lich with maximum of 5 minion. That lich mechanic is like old demo lock meta.

    A traditional necro plague debuff spec with maximum minion of 7.

    And a heal base spec with maximum minion of 3 to keep healing everyone. But yeah they gonna said "BuT wE HaVe NeCrO iTs a SPEC iN Dk CaLl Uh, and a SPEC iN lOcK cAlL dEmOnOlOgY!!!!11 or (insert class SPEC here)"

    Funny shadowland about class fantasy not spec fantasy and people still stuck in that legion era.

    With that arguement, Tinker wont be a class with already have engineering! Sound dumb right? That how it sound when they said necro is uh dk or lock SPEC! not a class but spec. Spec fantasy instead of class fantasy

  6. They are always finding an excuse dk is not another class you just put some blue eyes on each class and put dk armor to it it cannot be an excuse to not bringing a new class and it is a perfect expansion to bring necromancer class but they are tooooo lazy to bring a new class.


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