Why You Should Play Havoc Demon Hunter in Dragonflight (And Why You Shouldn't)

Why You Should Play Havoc Demon Hunter in Dragonflight (And Why You Shouldn't)

Unsure what class to play in Dragonflight? Whether you’re a returning player coming back to play the new expansion or a longtime veteran just looking to explore a new main or alt, we’ve got you covered.

We break down all the reasons you should consider playing Havoc Demon Hunter in Dragonflight and even throw in a few reasons of why you might not. From new talents you’ll pickup on the way to level 70 to the unique Dragonflight utility that will make you an asset to your allies, join us as we explore Dragonflight Havoc Demon Hunter!

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About The Author:
I’m Shadarek, a semi-hardcore player raiding as an officer of Resonate on Bleeding Hollow. I started playing the game on the release of Battle for Azeroth. I can be found in The Fel Hammer discord helping when I can. I typically can also be found Streaming progression and re-clears.

Why You Should Play Havoc Demon Hunter in Dragonflight (and Why You Shouldn’t)

I’ve written this article to provide reasoning for people that are considering playing Havoc Demon Hunter in Dragonflight, both positive and negatives to help you make your decision. To start, Havoc now has a much more fulfilling rotation including proper damage cooldowns on a shorter cooldown, great scaling, and high self sustain and magic damage mitigation. However Havoc now defaults to movement-based talents for damage including Momentum, and still is relatively weak to incoming Physical damage.

Why You Should Play Havoc Demon Hunter in Dragonflight

To start out with why I think you should play Havoc Demon Hunter in Dragonflight, I bring a quick list of reasons as well as what Havoc will gain in its levelling process during Dragonflight, finishing out with our utility.

Playstyle evolution from Shadowlands to Dragonflight
Havoc Demon Hunters playstyle entering Dragonflight has improved vastly over it’s Shadowlands version. Due to talents and changes it is re-introducing core abilities to our rotation we had cut out in Shadowlands such as Blade Dance; while also giving exciting talent combinations that provide much more satisfying and less degenerate gameplay.

Learning Curve
Havoc is looking relatively easy to learn, it has basic core gameplay that is pretty simple to pick up, with room for min-maxing especially when it comes to positional requirements. It feels significantly more satisfying compared to the Shadowlands version of Havoc.

For the first time in a long time, Havoc is looking to have good secondary stat scalings. Know Your Enemy greatly increases the value of Critical Strike Chance, Any Means Necessary as well as changes to talents such as First Blood bring much more Chaos damage into the kit making Mastery scale relatively well, and some reductions in the base kits haste has allowed for more room to scale there as well.

Self Reliance
Great self reliance in all content, both through great consistent sustain such as Soul Rending and Demonic Appetite as well as Demonic Wards for great passive magic damage reduction. It also consistently has damage up due to short term cooldowns for both AoE and Single Target through Eye Beam and Essence Break. While not directly related, it is needed to include Havoc Demon Hunters amazing mobility that is flexible for all situations. Double Jump and Glide are unmatched in getting around obstacles in the game around you, as well as lots of access to fast mobility through Fel Rush.

Current Tuning
As it stands currently, Havoc Demon Hunter is in a spot to be among the top DPS in virtually all content when we enter Dragonflight.

Level 70 Talent Points for Havoc Demon Hunter
At level 70 we gain a handful of useful talents, generally in the Demon Hunter class tree you will gain access to the talents below, providing some Health to stay safer as well as an extra stop or DPS cooldown in Sigil of Misery and 30% extra DoT DPS for The Hunt.

For the Havoc spec tree, we gain access to much more DPS Throughput in the case of a DPS cooldown and great Critical Strike scaling. Generally the talents gained from 60 to 70 will be:

Havoc Demon Hunter Utility in Dragonflight
Havoc has a little bit in the way of utility, though some of it is costly to access. For stuns Chaos Nova is usually taken in all scenarios for no real cost, newly added for Havoc Sigil of Misery can be pathed towards but is almost entirely just used as an instant cast stop. Lastly Fel Eruption can be taken in the Havoc spec tree, but it will cost a heavy hitting DPS node to access this stun. Outside of stuns we have some more niche utility such as Mortal Dance as a Mortal Strike though it can be costly to take. Darkness can be a helpful group defensive in many scenarios. Lastly though, Havoc’s best utility comes in their Raid Buff via Chaos Brand, increasing the magic damage everyone in your groups deal by 5% is one of the strongest buffs in the game and allows havoc to be viable even when it is weak.

Why You Shouldn’t Play Havoc Demon Hunter in Dragonflight

While there is limited reasoning at the moment, there are a few things that will deter a few players that should be brought up and will be below. Fortunately, not many issues have come up for Havoc with the loss of Shadowlands Tier Sets, Legendaries, or Conduits. All of our positives had a way to land in our talent tree with many of the more gameplay disrupting options being left behind.

Using Momentum as the catch all term, Movement based talents such as Momentum and Tactical Retreat are typically the all around best DPS options to take while having a very negative view from a portion of the playerbase. You can avoid these talents, but it comes at a DPS loss with little in the way of options to replace them.

Utility in Havoc Spec Tree
Access to Netherwalk and Fel Eruption come at a direct large DPS cost, feeling possibly frustrating to some players. It’s relatively cheap to afford one of the two in raid or single target scenarios, but in m+ or AoE builds it is generally at the cost of an important DPS talent to take one.

Metamorphosis Uptime
Due to Cycle of Hatred returning, it has largely inflated our uptime of Metamorphosis through Demonic. This often has Havoc feel like it is lacking of a proper single target DPS cooldown.

For more information on playing Havoc Demon Hunter, please see our class guide updated for Dragonflight Pre-Patch Phase 2:

Havoc Demon Hunter Guide

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