Will Wipe for Achievements – Charity Event Stream

Will Wipe for Achievements - Charity Event Stream

They are using a lottery system on Twitch to pull random viewers and select them for various prizes, including from Mythic Jaina carries, Mythic Keystone Carries, Heroic N’zoth, and Hardmode Mechagon carries. This event will be benefiting three different charities; Alley Cat Allies, Stop Soldier Suicide, and Girls Who Code.

Throughout Battle for Azeroth, they’ve raised money for charity including $3060 for The Trevor Project via heroic N’Zoth carries, and the event leader, Leiandros, created the bot for Raiding for RAINN which raised over $11000.

You can join their Discord here–note that individuals must read and react to the rules before they can access the rest of the server.

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