World First 5 Mask Horrific Vision Solo with 4 AFK Players

World First 5 Mask Horrific Vision Solo with 4 AFK Players

Horrific Visions scale with the number of players in the group, increasing the health of mobs by ~115% per player. In a normal situation, that increased health is offset by the extra damage those additional players deal, as well as the time saved by splitting up to tackle different objectives. With those four extra players are standing idle at the entrance however, Wyolin has the worst of both worlds – dealing with the substantially increased mob health, without any allies providing extra damage or helping with objectives. The final Thrall encounter alone took 6 minutes of the 55 minute total run.

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Difficulty scaling based on number of players isn’t too common in Warcraft, since most group content is designed around specific group sizes with matchmaking to help players fill those requirements, but it’s actually a very old mechanic which Blizzard in Diablo, offering both greater challenge and better rewards for larger group sizes. Diablo II eventually allowed players to use a command to override this behavior, to a point where “eight player” games became a standard even when solo. This general functionality can also be seen in the Diablo III difficulty setting redesign which came with Reaper of Souls, adding a similarly dynamic range of difficulties to increase the challenge and rewards at will.

It’s quite unlikely we’ll see too much of this behavior in World of Warcraft, but the concept of scaling based on group size is still readily seen in lower difficulty raiding, and the upcoming Torghast activity in Shadowlands, which not scales difficulty based on group size as well as how far players progress through the activity. Much in the same way that players are attempting to solo raid bosses or kill them with single-class raid compositions, Wyolin’s work around is a clever strategy to test himself for no other reason than to say he did and succeeded.

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