World First Shadowlands +26 Mythic Dungeon Completed In Time

World First Shadowlands +26 Mythic Dungeon Completed In Time

Beating out their previous +25 Necrotic Wake, this group is one of the most prolific Mythic+ push groups in the game, currently holding records for +25 Necrotic Wake and Plaguefall, +24 Necrotic Wake, +24 Spires of Ascension and Mists of Tirna Scithe, and much more besides. Unlike a lot of groups, they’ve used a very consistent group composition for the majority of their keys, strictly adhering to the meta, while other groups have seen the occasional Marksmanship Hunters, Windwalker Monks, Restoration Shaman, and the rare Discipline Priest. Unlike previous kills though, we have a video of the full run, recorded on the Chinese streaming network Douyu.

Covenant wise, nothing has changed from their last kill, using three Kyrian and two Night Fae, giving them access to the Necrotic Wake dungeon covenant-specific bonus. Using a Kyrian Summon Steward to activate two Malfunctioning Goliaths grants the party Anima Exhaust, which is a crucial time saving strategy used to speed through the first boss of the dungeon. You can find out more about Covenant Dungeon Buffs in our guide, as each dungeon has a special bonus which can only be activated by a member of the corresponding covenant.

Covenant Dungeon Buffs

Even if you’re not pushing the cutting edge of Mythic+ progression, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with all of the Mythic+ changes in Shadowlands Season One: end of dungeon cache changes, what you need to do to maximize your weekly rewards from the Great Vault, the new Prideful seasonal affix, and other affix additions and removals – all of this and more can be found inside our Shadowlands Season 1 Mythic+ Dungeon guide!

Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

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