World Of Warcraft Cataclysm – Self Power Leveling to Level 85 With a Premium Quest Helper


If any one asks me why I should use a Premium World Of Warcraft Quest Helper Add-on, my answer is simple: to save time and to level up my character faster. Many people argue that free versions of World Of Warcraft Quest Helper Add-ons are just as good as the premium versions are. They also argue that buying a World Of Warcraft Quest Helper Add-on is just a waste of money.

Well I beg to differ because I have 4 good reasons. Any gamer who wants to excel at World of War craft should buy a WoW Quest Helper Add-on due to the following reasons.

  • Because its bug free

I recommend not downloading and installing any of the free addons you can find around.. They are often programmed by non-gamers and by not following any standardized programming scripts and practices. For these reasons they often introduce various bugs in the game and the PC. This also means that they can take a long time to update their scripts when blizzard releases a new patch. We are not just talking the content patches, but hot fix patches as well. These can change things that can and do break addons, you don’t want to have to wait a week to use you addon again after every patch.

  • Because it has an in-game arrow

A premium WoW Quest Helper Add-on will always have a game arrow that would tell you the way to the quests. The in game navigation they supply will also show you where to go next. This helps massively as you’ll never wonder where you have to go, or what to do.

  • Because it has a game guide

When you click on the game arrow a small information window will open, often called a game guide. This guide gives al the information one needs about the quest. For example it would tell what transport you should take to the quest and what things they are going to need there. Some of the more advanced things, like where to find the entrance to the cave. While this might not seem important, I have spent over 30 minutes trying to find an entrance to a cave or tunnel, it is a very very large time saver.

  • Because it has objective completion information

The premium WoW Quest Helper Add-on has a feature that contains all the information about the quests that have been completed. It saves the gamers from a very common mistake of trying to re-attempt and re-doing the quests that have already completed.


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