World of Warcraft Classic “Season of Mastery” Open Beta Now Live

World of Warcraft Classic

As outlined in our Season of Mastery blog post, there are a number of changes coming in this new Season of WoW Classic. In this Beta, testers can expect to experience the following today and over the next several weeks:

Week 1 of open Beta (October 5)

  • Player Levels will be capped at 30.
  • Character templates will not be available.
  • The Rate of XP gain from Quest turn-ins has been increased by 25% globally.
  • Mining and Herbalism Node availability is increased.
  • The PvP Honor System is enabled.
  • Warsong Gulch is enabled.

We plan to make incremental additions to the Beta server(s) each week. The following planned Seasonal changes are not yet active it the Season of Mastery Beta. These adjustments and others will become active in future Beta updates over the coming weeks:

  • Increased Debuff and Buff limits.
  • Increased health for raid bosses.
  • Restored raid boss mechanics.
  • Removal of world buffs in raid instances.
  • Meeting Stones converted to Summoning Stones.
  • Adjustments to curtail powerleveling and boosting.

Our focus for testing this week is leveling speed and flow. With future Season of Mastery Beta updates, we’ll continue to summarize the gameplay areas that we’d like to focus feedback and bug reports on during the Beta testing period.

  • The latest test versions of World of Warcraft include new code and data related to forthcoming improvements to our methods and systems for handling player misbehavior. This does not include anything testable at this time.

Thank you for participating in the WoW Classic Season of Mastery open Beta!

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