World Of Warcraft Gold Farm 300,000 Gold Instant Spawn Farm


Hey guys! in this video i teach you guys how to farm up an item that sells for about 300,000 gold on the auction house. This farm is super simple and in addition to the plans you also have the opportunity to pick up other transmog items that can be sold on the auction house for the a pretty penny.

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  1. Anyone else notice in a lot of his videos, he doesn't collect the item he's so called farming. You gotta show proof that you can get said item in the area you're farming or its going to keep looking like you are just farming a area to make a dang video, lol.

  2. The dopamine hits your brain gets while playing videogames is the difference. Thats where the drug aspect comes into play. Anyone who plays wow heavily doesnt usually see themselves as addicted because they fool themselves into thinking they have control over it when in reality they dont. Another problem with heavy wow players is they see themselves as much more intelligent and successfull than average people in life wich is sadly the opposite, a result of trival rewards making you accomplished.

  3. I think you do a good job young man, but like I’ve said before, something doesn’t feel right in a farm vid where you don’t actually get the item you’re talking about. But I like your style, King. Glow mushrooms!

  4. Can't make any gold if nobody is buying and nobody is buying. I have 12 sellers set up on 12 realms and i can tell you all that xmog items don't even sell for vendor prices on the AH. I'm running at a loss!

  5. Keep up the good work brotha ur one of my favorite channels that I've stumbled across and end up watching all ur videos. I'm a bc baby alliance human pally since the start!! Ur farms have def helped my gold in intake. I'm actually doing this farm atm cross my fingers I drop the plans. Keep it up 💯

  6. Do you think my fury warrior that is parked in Outland would do well on this farm? You said any class with an aggro ability like taunt. Goon squad. Goblin life for me now. Glow mushrooms for the romantic life.


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