World Of Warcraft Gold Farm 50k-200k QUICKLY


Battle For Azeroth Cheap! :
My Setup (:
Mouse Pad:
Hard Drive 1:
Hard Drive 2:
Power Supply:
Computer Case:

Business inquiry: [email protected]

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  1. Loving your gold farming videos!
    A tip for your chanel growth: Don`t ever add links to it. Youtube shadow ban videos with links in the description. Meaning less people get notifications.

  2. Hi Kunta! Love the videos, but I'm having an issue with TSM! I just installed it and it won't let me alter the Posting methods for Auctions. I try things like "Normal: 100% dbmarket" and it gives me an error! Any ideas?

  3. I could never get the hang of TradeSkillMaster. It seems to be better to just manually look up the materials or the item minus the affix in the search bar. I ended up losing money using TSM because it didn't take in consideration the cheaper affix which players don't purchase those items anymore outside of disenchanting.

  4. Kunta man, I do enjoy the majority of your vids, but you are skipping the looting at 2:30. Also, when you talk about the future of the channel and what is coming up, to be honest I usually skip over that. I do enjoy the content you bring so that is what I come for. Im sure there are plenty that want to see the last bit. Keep making vids man, I need every edge I can get with this game and you have brought a lot of that to the table!


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