World Of Warcraft Insane Raw Gold Farm


Battle For Azeroth Cheap! :
My Setup (:
Mouse Pad:
Hard Drive 1:
Hard Drive 2:
Power Supply:
Computer Case:

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  1. Only way to make gold on bfa is multi boxing, seen a guy with a 16 account multi box farming bfa mounts and had an alts inventory full of mounts, this is not worth your time

  2. Hey there King Kunta! I used to love TSM, but now my version is so jacked up since the TSM4 upgrade, I can't post at basic percentage prices now. Any idea on how to remove it and start fresh? I know the Default operation sells for really low on my server.

  3. i wish i could try this i just got out the hospital for my leg infection and i cant pay for my account cause all the gas money to apointments but i will try as soon as i can get the money ..but u should be kunta god of all gold farming lol love ur videos bro! wish blizz would do free to play and u could just upgrade to services lol!

  4. Hello!

    Recently discovered your channel, I’ve watched a few of your videos over the past week or two. I don’t comment very often but seeing as you have a relatively small channel I just wanted to say two things:

    #1 Keep up the good work! Most people don’t realize the effort that goes into making a video. So keep at it man, and good luck with your future vids!

    #2 Just a bit of constructive criticism that you may have heard (or read) from other commenters as well. You excessively use the word “actually” way too much, and usually unnecessarily. Since I’ve watched several of your videos recently and I’ve noticed it seems to be a frequent verbal tick for you, it’s actually made me feel like pausing or closing the video if I start to hear it too many times, and I’m sure that’s not something you want as a content creator. If you rewatch the video and remove the word from most sentences where it’s used, a lot of your sentences immediately sound smoother and flow better when you cut out the “actually”. I don’t want you to think this is a hateful comment (because it’s not), but I just feel the need to give my criticism here because I think if you cut down on the “actually”s, the listening quality of your content would noticeably increase from a viewers perspective. I used to do the same thing too when I made a few videos in the past (I was nervous) so I think it’s a pretty common thing, but since your channel seems to be growing I definitely think it’s an important thing for you to work on.

    I hope this criticism helps you to improve with your future videos. Keep up the good work man. Cheers!


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