World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Gameplay (Bastion) – Blizzcon 2019 VOD


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  1. God it’s like do you streamers ever shut the fuck up, how do you talk literally every second the video is going? stfu and let people enjoy the gameplay to see how the game is.

  2. absolutely disguisting gameplay, you are not playing for the 70% of the fucking video, constantly looking to your left. Good for Stream, but not for your Youtube. Unwatchable

  3. Viewer: "its a mount from way back in mop"….
    MrGM "no its not"

    Viewer meaning the deer (which is a store mount from mop) – also the lion is literally a reskin of a store mount from ages ago… i own it lol its a purple flying lion haha think i bought it back in cata it also has a matching store pet

  4. Once we discover what we will discover here about the pantheon. I belive we will try and go after them to restore true order to the universe or risk our world being recreated. Because through out bfa we have realized not even the titan keepers knew the power of the engine and the forge. Plus a few ppl at blizzard really want us to visit the crystalline worlds of the Naru and experince their hand with the titans cuz u know theys be working together for what ever reason


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