Worldkiller Iris – Discover Zovaal's Symbol of Despair with Unique Sepulcher Raid Loot

Worldkiller Iris - Discover Zovaal's Symbol of Despair with Unique Sepulcher Raid Loot

Although dramatically under budget, the Worldkiller Iris has a familiar icon and secondary stats as another well known artifact.

The unique neckpiece in the Jailer’s loot table lacks an exciting unique effect, but those who played through Battle for Azeroth will likely recognize the icon as belonging to the Heart of Azeroth, not to mention the unique stat distribution. Despite similarities though, the names are very much at odds with one another. The Heart of Azeroth was a key instrument in saving the planet, but although it wasn’t a “world killer,” it contained no less destructive power, being used to channel power from the Engine of Nalak’sha and Forge of Origination to obliterate N’Zoth at the conclusion of Ny’alotha.

Although the Jailer boss encounter is not being tested on the PTR and will not be available until the second week of raiding in Patch 9.2, from what little we’ve learned through the dungeon journal, the battle with Zovaal will take on a cosmic scale and threaten Azeroth directly. We’ve known for some time that the worldsoul is key to his plans, probably in a similar fashion to how it has been speculated that Argus’ soul broke the previous Arbiter.

It seems unlikely that the Worldkiller Iris actually has any direct connection to the Heart of Azeroth, as that artifact of tremendous power has been safely gathering dust in the player’s bank since the conclusion of Battle for Azeroth, though it’s curious to think that Zovaal may have found a way to harness some form of Azerite power, and that the Worldkiller Iris might be his own lens with which to wield it. So far, it hasn’t shown up in the encounter journal however, so absent any in-game appearance, it would appear to be more a matter of symbolism – a twist on the common fantasy trope of the magical MacGuffin-like artifact which doesn’t do anything on its own, but the plot continually revolves around. This twist is seen most readily in the Worldkiller’s flavor text, which directly mirrors that of the Heart.

Heart of Azeroth: “A living symbol of hope, borne by the champions of a dying planet. The fate of Azeroth will be shared by all her children.”
Worldkiller Iris: “A living symbol of despair, borne by the nemesis of a doomed eternity. The fate of Azeroth will be shared by all her children.”

While we, the players, are unequivocally the hero of this story, that’s only one perspective. The Jailer is the star of his, and so of course he’s gathered his own powerful artifacts to pave the way to ultimate victory, which the flavor text reflects. Like so many other ideas twisted within the Shadowlands, it appears that the Worldkiller Iris is his Heart of Azeroth.

The beam of light in this Eternity’s End promotional image sure looks familiar…

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