[WoW: BfA 8.0] BfA 1-120 Leveling Guide – Level Alts FAST


The first leveling guide for BfA has arrived, hopefully with a little bit better structuring than the last two. Just waiting for the BfA Heirlooms & catchup mechanisms


1. Basic leveling tips: 1:24
2. Best leveling methods: 5:35
1-15: 5:40
15-60: 6:23
60-80: 7:14
80-90: 8:42
90-100: 9:35
100-111: 11:20
111-120: 12:44
3. More advanced leveling optimizations: 13:45

Streams: https://www.twitch.tv/randomplayeri
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Randomplayeri


  1. Another thing I forgot to mention (even though it was written to the notes) that play with War Mode on. Really no reason not to, most people don't care to kill you since they're also leveling, once again another +10% for clicking one button in SW/OG, +some classes have amazing PvP talents that you can use in open world content

  2. I'm a true Alt-aholic.
    I've made characters and deleted them at level 20 for too long. I'm going to try and get a few more max level characters before the next expac. maybe I'll have enough time to get all classes up there. maybe even on both factions

  3. I've done like 3 alts with islands but now I still have lots more alts left but the islands now are fucking boring and not feeling fast enough. Fuck I want all my alts maxed out fucking faster. Fucking do something Blizz. Questing is boring too. I was already getting fucking bored even doing the zones for the first time on my fucking main. That's pretty bad.

  4. i mean. is it really a guide if you just tell people to do random dungeons? jesus. what crazy information you have. couldnt have figured that out myself. disliked. seems really lazy

  5. Eh I dont agree with skipping cata zones. Hyjal specifically can net 5-10 levels while doing LFG, hell I usually get 5-7 just from questing in hyjal.

  6. My biggest problem with WoW leveling is how sterile it is. If you have seen the few storylines worth looking into they are not fun the second time, there is no variation to anything. It is just a tidious, slow and dull grind of doing the same exact quests over and over and over for 120 levels. -120- levels. It is what is killing me right now, I want to try something new to play with. But I just can't force myself to go through the absolute dread that is leveling in World of Warcraft. So much that it is making me look into other games just for something new, something that offers variety. I have played for so many years now, and it is slowly dying for me. Simply, because of this sterile, lifeless, boring leveling system they got. And I sure as hell am not paying 50 euros for a boost.

  7. so im 108 now and still no invasions appearing, I'm on the game literally 10 – 16 hours, no invasions, no legionfall campaign, also completed every class hall quest available the only quest there now is is grayed out, so i'm lost


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