WOW! Blizz Learned?! Shadowlands May Bring WoW Back: No AP Grind, Less RNG & Leveling REVAMP + Alts!


It’s time to dive into the new features & design philosophy behind World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.
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  1. I dont know you guys but! In fact legion and artifact power system was something good for wow to be keep playable. I just dont understand why people wants to back to normal like WoD – Pandaria think a little bit how enjoyable was the time back in wod.. you were just sit on your garrison and wait for nothing. This is why grinding for an upgrade is an essential thing.

  2. I have as many top level alts as there are professions. Alt leveling Outland is actually faster than Northrend in a 1for1 comparison. It might not be as interesting for the player and feel more tedious but it is just ever so slightly faster because of the way quests are clustered and the amount of XP for quests/kills. Northrend Has a lot more creatures that don't drop loot or count as experience for quests that are like kill 60 or X*thing.

  3. does anyone think this expansion is gonna be good anymore based on everything that has happened lately? with blizzard as a company? my hopes are gone because of the recent controversies.

  4. Really strange feedback but can you keep wearing cozy sweaters vs the jacket you normally wear. Something about the fabric and the muted tones of the jacket make me feel uncomfortable. But this looks so much nicer to wear and thus makes me feel comfortable. Sorry for my weirdness <3

  5. Yup. I've been dreaming for soloable content for years and years, legion was kinda innovative with it, I liked that, but then BFA just gave me a huge F U in a form of mostly rep. grinds being possible in solo up until the release of horrific vision, and oh my god, the only problem i have with them is that i don't have enough keys. I love it, want more of it, if there's going to be anything like that in Shadowlands – Imma smash that "buy" button faster than my pally can cast that instant flash light.

  6. An even better idea for the weekly chest than selecting from a few options when you unlock it would be to choose what you're going to work toward at the beginning of the week and then, once you've met the requirements for it, you get it. If there's nothing you want to work toward, then choose some other part of the game to play than endlessly grind something you don't want or need. Removing AP is way past due. Now they just need to rethink their world/daily quest grinds. They're just dev cheats to both make it feel like the game has lots of content (without actually giving more content) and time-gating rewards. When a game feels like work, it's no longer fun to play. I've long disliked the constant adding of new character levels. The level squish would be awesome as long as they don't just use it as a way to keep gaining more of the same levels again. Cap character level at 60 and then just add content and features with new expansions. Being the world's greatest heroes loses its value when every couple of years those greatest heroes repeatedly become noobs again.

  7. having content removed from legion and saying we made a mistake from past expansions kind erks me the wrong way but putting competitive content and making the next content the packed with fun makes up for it ap removed still should be a thing imo.

  8. Remember when you made this video? And then nyalotha and wc3 happened?

    Lololol. Let's not act like shadow lands ISNT Shadowbringers. Tower the damned. Palace of the dead. Come on.

  9. I wonder, wether it will take completing half of the quests in Kalimdor (or Eastern Kingdoms) to get to level 50, or we will have to complete them all on one of those continents… because right now we get level 60 by clearing half of one of those two continents… also in another video they said, that in Shadowlands it will take completing 1 expansion to get to level 50, but Kingdoms and Kalimdor have at least twice as much zones and quests to do than any expansion… so that's why this is unclear to me.

  10. But the armors shown already are plate only right? Bc with current wow i would fear them going „ah you are a rogue… here, have 50kgs worth of steel.“
    And also… some would say that druids and rogues for example are very, very different classes. One being a stabby stabby stealy boi, the other one being a patron of nature and protector of balance. I wouldn‘t necessarily say, the same armor set fits both. But they aren‘t going to do 4 class specific armors per class, right? Although that would be a huge positive signal.

  11. Artifact Power felt good on Legion for your Legendary weapon to be stronger and fun to see it actually upgrade, after we destroyed them was a shit show for me so I’ll never ever resub, like I did on BfA, SHIT SHOW! Blizzard will never ever recover me as client

  12. Really hope they add undead that can stand upright either like a customization option like for orcs or a second race, because I really want to make a boney death knight but think it looks stupid to be hunched over all the time and makes a lot of armor look horrible.

  13. Hey quick question about returning to the game.
    I'm not playing wow atm and want to return for shadowlands but I don't want to buy BFA. Will I be able to up lvl 60 without BFA considering the change of levelling at shadowlands release ?

  14. No, bellular. I am not doing this AGAIN, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. The dev team is who they are, and nothing short of a complete identity swap to completely different devs is going to change how disappointing WoW currently is. You say you will speak to your truth, and yet we go through this every single pre-expansion phase…

    No, I do not believe Blizzard will magically transform to a team of completely different mindsets that create a completely different product.

  15. will these rep covenants actually have things to buy from the quartermaster before exalted ? because the gear would be useful but not by the time one gets to exalted. it also be nice to get the tabard at say friendly instead of exalted and have it get you some bonus rep while doing dailies or running dungeons so one could get rep doing something they find more fun like dungeons running versus doing dailies

  16. The new legendary system will be the new AP grind per se, but once you acquire the legendary that grind is done, and on to the next legendary grind. That is so much better, if you just need or want one or 2 and play casually/ altosis you can do. Or if you are a completionist or hard core raider you have options ad infinitum . Choice, thats what most people I believe actually want. Not a hamster wheel that fits everything and climb on it or unsub.


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