WoW Burning Crusade Classic Profession Picking Guide


A guide going over the basics of each profession in Burning Crusade classic, including exclusive benefits, gold making & more.

Burning Crusade Classic Class picking guide:
Burning Crusade Classic Race picking guide:

MC Cap footage by Thugwaffle:
Lurker Below footage by AttackOfMadJack:

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  1. VOTE! Let's see how popular these professions are.

    If you're still undecided of your class/race you might find the following videos helpful, if you enjoyed the format of this one:

    Burning Crusade Classic Class picking guide:
    Burning Crusade Classic Race picking guide:

    2:02 Jewelcrafting
    8:19 Enchanting
    11:11 Alchemy
    16:10 Blacksmithing
    20:04 Tailoring
    23:40 Leatherworking
    27:00 Engineering
    34:22 Gathering/Secondaries

  2. You know, I don't even play WoW at all anymore and haven't since the first couple years of actual release. But I still listen to MSS's vids for the soothing effect of that softly droning voice.

  3. What the F is the f-in problem with character boost? Play and level up if you want that and let people pay if they want it, geez.

  4. Do the items that have 2 equip bonuses stack? For instance there's an equip bonus for Damage&Healing and there's another equip bonus for Healing&Damage. How does that work? do I get the damage and healing for both combined? referring to Tribal Windhawk Set items on 24:30

  5. I miss BC professions, and even wrath ones. I feel like professions are either so expensive or ridiculous to level or are just useless in SL

  6. Hey man! Great video! Quick question : do you know if you can respec Leatherworking spec in TBC like tailoring can? In classic, you have to unlearn the profession and start from scratch. Thanks man!

  7. Whats the highest level Lionheart sword I can craft without raiding? My limited schedule prevents me from raiding a lot, so I thought my own long term goal in BC is to craft a lionheart sword and get the epic flying on my paladin.

  8. I was always a fan of alchemy regarding the class. I always liked professions more that you can use for the whole duration of an expansion. blacksmithing is cool and getting/upgrading weapons feels awesome but after you did it you are basically done. I will stick with my alchemy priest. it always feels good to be the one with the nice potions.

  9. The sh!t community largely just wants to get the benefit of drums without the profession. These are the same people that planned to abuse the jc and enchanting exploits by getting the perks and abandoning the profession.

    Blizz already fixed the problem for normal raiders.

  10. I didn't quite understand if you'll still have to complete the vanilla weaponsmith chainquest to become a weaponsmith master in TBC? please tell me you don't.
    I did those quests on my fury warrior when Classic came out and it was a pain in the ass. Ultimately I dropped the blacksmith profession in favor of Engineering, which broke my rp heart. I plan to go Blacksmith again, I hope I don't need to do this quest again as it required an awful amount of materials


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