Wow Classic Beta – Will It Succeed?


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Lots of people are ‘hating’ on wow classic, including myself. A lot of people are excited, and a lot of people are downplaying the hype. In this video I talk about why I’m pretty sure it will be successful even if its not my cup of tea.


  1. Here's where I'm coming from.
    I was 12 when WoW dropped. I come from a family of mentally I'll and emotionally negligent people, I was never given the opportunity to play WoW outside of the times my uncle got me to grind the mobs he didnt want to, and if I tried to explore I'd be yelled at for wasting time.

    I didnt get to experience Vanilla with freedom. I didnt get to experience WoW with freedom until Cata, and that's not the same game.

    I'm 27 now. I can finally experience it.

  2. Is it true that the devs that worked on the original 2004 release of WoW isn't working at blizzard anymore?
    Might be a good hint to why the game failed.
    They lost the people that helped them stand on their own feet and now they lost their way.
    I can relate to that.
    Though I probably would never grow so cold that I would go out and sue my followers that loved me for who i was and preaches the greatness of who i were

  3. I know I'll be a sucker for classic WoW, for the same reasons that sometimes I find myself on privately hosted classic Everquest servers. Love the nostalgia, love the old school challenge.

    As you said though they are extremely time consuming(especially Everquest, good lord…) so I don't know if I will be able to keep up with others since I'm not a 16 yr old with too much time on my hands anymore, but I will sure as hell do my best to keep up.

    I dearly miss old school MMORPG's like Everquest + WoW. The only MMORPG that can compete today IMO is Final Fantasy 14, but that's still not the same.

  4. It will be successful at the beginning but give it 2 years it will die. it is only putting a bandaid on world of warcraft but before classic all the Youtubers and twitch lost their subscribers by a lot most of them had to start streaming other games to try to get their subscription back.

  5. I re-subbed because of Classic. I'm not sure how long I will stick around, but it's not necessarily because of nostalgia for me – it's more that I miss the challenge and comradery that comes along with more difficult content, unique playability/speccing and communication.
    I'd be just as happy with a new game, new expansion, or new content that goes back to the open talent trees, high ceiling/threshold bosses, world bosses, difficult world elite packs, dungeons that require a level of work and perfection to play (like requiring timed CCs) and very unique class dynamics (now, all classes are essentially the same thing just different graphical designs and different titles for moves that do the same thing).

  6. Yes, when I played World of Warcraft in the past, I was in Middle School and High School. I had tons of time to play. But now I am a husband and a father, I would love to be able to sink the time I did back then but I honestly cannot anymore. I fully intend to play vanilla, but it's not going to be as hardcore as it was back in the day. The demographic for this game is getting older , so, yes, there will be plenty of people playing. But it's just going to move a little slower

  7. Classic Wow was a massive multiplayer skinner box. It's no exaggeration to say it ruined people's lives. People got seriously addicted, for much the same reason people get addicted to slot machines: endless repetitive tasks with a random rare payout. When those guys say "You think you want it, but you don't", they're probably alluding to that.

  8. The outrage when people realizes why WoW went beyond vanilla.

    Those rose tinted glasses for sure work, but are not magical.

    And if you think that a couple thousand people will make it float…

  9. My hubs and I met playing WoW. We were in the same raiding guild in BC, we've been married for 11 years now. When it comes to Classic, I'm very nostalgic about it and can't wait to play. I've contacted 20 other people we used to play with on a daily basis and most are also excited. (marriages, babies, general adulting has been getting in the way over the last decade) My hubs is less excited about going back but he's agreed to play with me and our closest WoW friends one more time. …I'm not sure if I have a point to this long comment, it's been a few weeks since you posted this video, WoW Classic is still #1 on Twitch. And I still can't wait for August! <3

  10. I'm like you I lived vanilla wow and well I was in a high end guild … I've beat 40 man naxx and i was highwarlord as well i was young but I've seen seen all classic has had to offer I'll not be one who will return to classic

  11. Tired of people who play the game 40 hours a week and talk about how bad it sucks. I probably won’t play wow classic myself. I like the improvements. Personal belief is that its nostalgia. I like that I don’t have to rely on other players to play all the time. Thank you for this video.

  12. Blizz will have to choose which one to focus on. If Vanilla becomes to successful,

    1.what happen to the other one?
    2. How long will people play the same content with regards to Vanilla.

  13. Here's the catch to this idea. It cost money to maintain official servers. The truth is it's streaming down the tracks as a hype train without realizing the actual risk of where it is going to stop and, more importantly, the conditions of the tracks.

    With private servers available for the same content for FREE, it's clear those who want to play ARE already playing it. Not these passengers on the hype train. I for one am not paying for a service I can get for FREE.

    Blizzard/Act. is a business first, service second. If there's money to be made, it'll be short term. The reason for the past changes is to grow the business, not stagnant it's numbers.

    Sorry dedicated fans, you aren't exactly business growth worthy. Not that being a dedicated fan is bad. It's great to have them and always wonderful to see the support. However, that support is in expansions and gimmick material. I was one of those fans so I'm well aware of the gimmicks.

    Private servers are FREE and have been out long enough for fans of classic wow to have established material. From communities to character development.

    Hoping these players will jump ship from private servers to start over AND pay for it? Now that's a risk if I've ever seen a risk.

    Let's get real, players that want it are the only ones with an active account and, don't mind to continue to pay to keep what they already have.

    All in all, who knows, it's a snowballs dream of a chance in hell to become successful. What's to lose though right? It's not like the current expansion is being well received.


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