WoW Classic Children’s Week Holiday – Complete Orphan Quests for Reputation

WoW Classic Children's Week Holiday - Complete Orphan Quests for Reputation

Structurally, Children’s Week is very similar in both Classic and Retail: take your orphan on a series of quests to see famous sights of your faction and meet one of its famous leaders.

In Classic, there are only two orphans, the Orcish Orphan in Orgrimmar and the Human Orphan in Stormwind. In Retail, in addition to the Orcish and Human orphans, there are 6 more: Blood Elf and Draenei orphans in Shattrath, Zandalari and Kul’Tiran orphans in Dazar’alor and Boralus Harbor, and Oracle and Wolvar orphans in Dalaran.

In Retail, the orphan quests earn battle pets and battle-pet gear. In Classic, there are no battle pets; the only rewards are experience and a good amount of Horde or Alliance reputation.

Learn more about the Holiday in our Classic Children’s Week Guide

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