WoW Classic Darkmoon Faire in Elwynn Forest for July 2020

WoW Classic Darkmoon Faire in Elwynn Forest for July 2020

WoW Classic Darkmoon Faire Event Guide

The Darkmoon Faire has a variety of activities ranging from card turn-ins for trinkets to obtaining companion pets, but at this point in WoW Classic, players are most likely interested in the Sayge Buffs for speedrunning and ranking.

How to Get to Elwynn Forest for the Darkmoon Faire as Horde

Reaching the Elwynn Forest Darkmoon Faire site as Horde is relatively easy, if you’re willing to take an overland trek in a zone that goes up to level 30. It avoids nearly all Alliance guards except one small encampment in Duskwood.

  1. Go to the zeppelin platform in either Ogrimmar or Undercity and take the zeppelin to Grom’gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale.
  2. Once in Grom’gol (don’t forget to pick up the flight point if you don’t have it), take the road northeast out of the camp, and turn left at the T intersection. Travel north along this road until you cross into Duskwood.
  3. Follow the road north, but keep your eye out for a small Alliance guard encampment on the right side of the road, near the junction of the east-west road. As soon as you see it, swing west to avoid this camp. Do not turn onto the road, but head overland north between the Twilight Grove and Raven Hill Cemetery.
  4. Stay north in this corridor until you hit the river (ideally you want to be around 30,24 in Duskwood). Cross the river into Elwynn Forest.
  5. Head north, keeping the farm (Maclure Vineyards) to your right. You will soon see the Darkmoon Faire grounds, just south of Goldshire.

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Stranglethorn Vale Map Duskwood Map Elwynn Forest Map

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